Saddam and Al Qaeda Reconnected!

I found Bill O’reilly’s most recent article very interesting. It details a bit of information that I’ve allowed to escape me( under the constant liberal barrage of lies).

1. Saddam and Al qaeda had a relationship….pre-9/11!

2. Al Zarqawi trained terrorist for An al Islam in Northern Iraq in 2002!

3. It now appears that Saddam may have diverted some funds from the UN Oil for Food program to guess who?

Can you say Al Qaeda?

It’s funny how under the barrage of half truths, it’s hard to maintain your focus on the truth. What’s even stranger
is that the democrats and the media wing of the democratic party(CBS, ABC, NBC,etc.) have known about the relationship between Saddam and Al qaeda. And it’s hard for them to tell the truth.

o’reilly’s article


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