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Democrats ignore Blacks

October 27, 2004

In her latest essay “Forty Excuses and a Mule”, Ann Coulter makes Politics and Race in America crystal clear:

Republicans don’t need black voters, but they want them. Democrats don’t want black voters, but they need them. Blacks have been the Democrats’ most loyal voters, typically giving the party upward of 90 percent of their vote. But Democrats ignore blacks.

Read her essay hot off the press!

It’s not for the political faint of heart.


Electoral College — October 23, 2004

October 24, 2004

Dispelling the myth, so you might see the truth!

October 18, 2004

Most don`t know the historical Abe Lincoln as well as they think and I submit that most Blacks–who spout this myth about “Lincoln didn’t free the Slaves because he thought it was wrong, he did it to weaken the south’s industry & bring them back to the union”— are mendacious, or uninformed in the least.

Abe Lincoln made open commentary about his hatred of Slavery at least twenty years before he became president!

Check out some excerpts of his major speeches on Slavery …

Speech at Chicago, Illinois
July 10, 1858

I have always hated slavery, I think as much as any Abolitionist. I have been an Old Line Whig. I have always hated it, but I have always been quiet about it until this new era of the introduction of the Nebraska Bill began. I always believed that everybody was against it, and that it was in course of ultimate extinction.”

Definition of Democracy
August 1, 1858?

As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.

Abe Lincoln

Source: Lincoln on Slavery for more excerpts of his speeches on slavery.

This rant came out of a response to a knucklehead’s comments in the Blackplanet political forum–where I lurk and destroy–where he sanctioned race baiting by Democrats as viable to drive Blacks to the polls!

Using racial hatred and dredging up the worst fears of lynching–by the KKK as a reason to vote for the Democrats of today–is despicable. Anyone promoting this kind of Race-Pimp Politics should be ridiculed by everyone, including Blacks.

I will never condone this type of racially charged campaigning by the people who lynched my people–aka Democrats. I am grateful that I have a long memory and I remember which party refused my people civil rights, until we would not be denied. n The Democrats got on board begrudgingly and away we went!

That is what this ad is promoting! The people who assaulted our people with water hoses are now asking us to vote for them —under the guise of Johnson’s unsuccessful Raw Deal incentives. They want to grease our palms with tickets, instead of promoting the conditions for us to pursue our own opportunities.

Thank you, God that Abe Lincoln not only had hatred for Slavery in his heart but had the strength of character to do what was just. Can you imagine what kind of man he must have been to sign that document–the emancipation proclamation–in his day? Kerry can’t even decide if he voted for or against the War on Islamic Terrorism!

(hat tip: some Blackplanet knucklehead)

PS..This is the article that provokes this rant–can you believe a Black man supported this tactic to get Blacks to vote? He’s an imbecile!

UN Commander Blames Kerry for Haitian Unrest

October 18, 2004

The BBC reports:

The Commander of the UN peacekeepers in Haiti has linked a recent upsurge in violence there to comments made by the US presidential candidate, John Kerry.

Earlier this year Mr Kerry said that as president he would have sent American troops to protect Jean-Bertrand Aristide who was ousted from power in February.

The Brazilian UN general, Augusto Heleno, said Mr Kerry’s comments had offered “hope” to Aristide supporters. Much of the recent unrest has centred on areas loyal to Mr Aristide.

More than 50 people have died over the past fortnight.

(hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

A Tiger does not change its spots.

October 14, 2004

I’ve been lurching around my favorite practice ground, the blackplanet, where I’ve been blogging about the racist background of the historical Democratic Party. To no avail, my audience does not care that the Democrats are the historical party of Slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK and Segregation. In other words, these are the institutional racists that Blacks rail about(with good cause). Their response collective response has been “What has the Republican party done for me lately?”

However, Blacks have been loyal to the party of bigotry, because of the dependency programs championed by the Democrats under the guise of enfranchisement. What has it gotten the Black community? The people in the news and political forum where I post are so dismissive of my rants about Racists Democrats, until I started to wonder what has Blacks so inured with these tow-faced RATS.

So when I came across a vicious cartoon by Left-wing cartoonist Jeff Danzinger, about Condoleeza Rice, I couldn’t wait to post it. This cartoon clearly shows what Liberal Intellectuals think of Blacks. Strangely, they feel comfortable expressing their obvious bigotry and hatred of Blacks, because Dr. Rice is a Republican. They’re betting that Black resentment of Republicans will blind them to this obvious evil.

There’s always another way to skin a cat. If words and ideas don’t work, then I’ll try their pictures to get my point across….If you are a Black Democrat you are voting for the historical party of our ancestors enslavers.

Here’s the infamous …It’s kind of graphic…You’ve been warned.

The cartoon has since been withdrawn by the New York Times due to public outrage.

(hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

The Kerry Doctrine

October 13, 2004

President Bush says “my opposition has a position of retreat and defeat in Iraq.”

I will fight for the American Worker….

October 13, 2004

Kerry just said “I will fight for the American Worker as hard as I fight for my own job.” But Senator did you fight for your job when you were in the senate for 20 years?

Okay, then name one bill that you sponsored while a senator?

Live Blogging on Debate Night!

October 13, 2004

Whose the statistics wonk, now! Bush is spitting out stats faster than Kerry can win a purple heart.

Star lights into Kerry!

October 13, 2004

Democrats have begun running a campaign of fear in the Black Community, because support is dwindling. Star Parker reports that a Pew Report has documented that numbers are down from 83% to 73% since August and the Kerry campaign is panicking.

I’m a recent convert to conservatism and the Republican Party and it feels good to have left the Democratic Plantation of Dependency where I can speak freely again. Note:(If you think differently than most Blacks or Democrats, they call you names like “Acting White”).

I’m finally getting hate mail and that means I’m driving the stake home!

(hat tip: Star Parker)

Top ten reasons to not vote for Sen. “I’ve got a plan!”

October 9, 2004

1. He’s richer than Bush (gotta hate those rich billionaires)

2. I like killing Al Qaeda Terrorists

3. Teresa will have to stop making Heinz ketchup( being first lady is very demanding).

4. kerry will constantly ask the Congress for more MEDALS( he’ll be outta there in 4 months).

5. What would we nickname him ….Pres. Lurch? I like dubya!

6. Who are we going to call a racist mother*******?

7. Warus Interruptus ( not good for troop morale)

8. “I’m not a flip flopper.”

9. After 20 years in the senate, he’s reporting for duty!

10 He voted for the 87 billion dollars for the troops before he voted against it….oh come on Senator!


11. Whenever Kerry comes on duty, we lose a war!

Originally posted on Blackplanet where 80% vote for Democrats, but they can’t tell you why(without calling you a bad name).