Top ten reasons to not vote for Sen. “I’ve got a plan!”

1. He’s richer than Bush (gotta hate those rich billionaires)

2. I like killing Al Qaeda Terrorists

3. Teresa will have to stop making Heinz ketchup( being first lady is very demanding).

4. kerry will constantly ask the Congress for more MEDALS( he’ll be outta there in 4 months).

5. What would we nickname him ….Pres. Lurch? I like dubya!

6. Who are we going to call a racist mother*******?

7. Warus Interruptus ( not good for troop morale)

8. “I’m not a flip flopper.”

9. After 20 years in the senate, he’s reporting for duty!

10 He voted for the 87 billion dollars for the troops before he voted against it….oh come on Senator!


11. Whenever Kerry comes on duty, we lose a war!

Originally posted on Blackplanet where 80% vote for Democrats, but they can’t tell you why(without calling you a bad name).


4 Responses to “Top ten reasons to not vote for Sen. “I’ve got a plan!””

  1. CafeRg Says:

    Five Questions For (Slick) George

    President Bush, you claim if you had to do the Iraq War over again, knowing that they don’t have Weapons of Mass Destruction, that you would do it again exactly the same way. If that is true, why did you not say that during your first election campaign? Why did you wait until after 9/11?

    President Bush, you say America is a safer place because of the Iraq War and the removal of Saddam Hussein. Surely there are other tyrrants as bad or worst than Saddam Hussein – Who might they be? When will we invade their country and set their people free? And make America even safer?

  2. Nightfighter Says:

    Thank you for commenting in my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed my post.

    Thank you for commenting in my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed my post.

    Sarcasism is the art of being funny but there must be truth integrated (I learned that from Rush). That is why you found it compelling enough to respond. You know your candidate is a liar (flipper) but you don’t care because you hate w. Hate should never be a motivator. It causes cancer in your opinion. And makes your vote irrevelent towards the fulfillment of your true desires.

  3. silas prophet Says:

    Interesting observations. I’ll likely return to read more of your writing.

    Two comments:
    Watch that you’re consistent in your capitalization.
    Be careful to avoid redundancies (“rich billionaires”).


  4. Tristan Reveur Says:

    Having worked on Capitol Hill for 4 years and having written a bunch of op-ed political pieces…just wanna say…write on. Pax Darlin’ – T.R.

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