A Tiger does not change its spots.

I’ve been lurching around my favorite practice ground, the blackplanet, where I’ve been blogging about the racist background of the historical Democratic Party. To no avail, my audience does not care that the Democrats are the historical party of Slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK and Segregation. In other words, these are the institutional racists that Blacks rail about(with good cause). Their response collective response has been “What has the Republican party done for me lately?”

However, Blacks have been loyal to the party of bigotry, because of the dependency programs championed by the Democrats under the guise of enfranchisement. What has it gotten the Black community? The people in the news and political forum where I post are so dismissive of my rants about Racists Democrats, until I started to wonder what has Blacks so inured with these tow-faced RATS.

So when I came across a vicious cartoon by Left-wing cartoonist Jeff Danzinger, about Condoleeza Rice, I couldn’t wait to post it. This cartoon clearly shows what Liberal Intellectuals think of Blacks. Strangely, they feel comfortable expressing their obvious bigotry and hatred of Blacks, because Dr. Rice is a Republican. They’re betting that Black resentment of Republicans will blind them to this obvious evil.

There’s always another way to skin a cat. If words and ideas don’t work, then I’ll try their pictures to get my point across….If you are a Black Democrat you are voting for the historical party of our ancestors enslavers.

Here’s the infamous …It’s kind of graphic…You’ve been warned.

The cartoon has since been withdrawn by the New York Times due to public outrage.

(hat tip: Michelle Malkin)


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