Democratic Death Watch–Day One!

As the Democrats wax and wane in and out of their self induced political coma, we, at getting my mind right, will do everything in our power to lend the final blow to a corpse that won’t lay down–The Democratic Party.

So we are going to nudge its demise along with a Death Watch:

Tom Raum reports on the deep depression that the Dems find themselves in
Democrats Have Bad Case of the Blues.

Here’s my favorite quote from the article:

“My advice to the Democrats is never, never nominate anybody from Massachusetts again,” said Ross Baker, a political scientist at Rutgers University.

The Democrats are whining about losing the White House–again! Guess who’s come to the rescue to save them from another embarassing public meltdown….You’ve guessed it….slick willie is back. And he wants to be President…..of the World!

Here’s his advise to the comatose Kerry and Co.

–Greg Palast has joined the I psychotic for Kerry gang with his latest conspiratorial rubbage….Kerry won…get a grip, Greg.

Liberals flocking to Canadian Immigration site…..Goodbye, Sore Losers!

Liberal Nut-Job Maureen Dowd’s demons have arisen. She can’t believe that her intellectually superior liberals have been soundly rejected by the American People! So she spews the only thing she has left in her latest article–venom!

A Democrat from Athens, Georgia–distraught over Bush’s re-election–commits suicide at the World Trade Center site.

Who says you can’t kick a dead horse when it’s down. I’m kicking! Good Riddance, Socialist traitors.


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