Fallujah Finally!

It has finally become obvious to the Allawi Adminstration that the hotbet of terrorist activity, Fallujah, must be exterminated. The reaction from the Sunni leadership is as predictable as ever–stop the fighting in Fallujah and let us keep our terrorists, or well take our ball and go home.

What else is new from these traitors of the Iraqi people?

How about kidnappings? Allawi’s relatives
are abducted. And guess what the demand is? You guessed it–stop the battle for
Fallujah. If they weren’t so predictable, their actions would be laughable.

Anybody rememeber who the Sunni’s last champion was?


One Response to “Fallujah Finally!”

  1. Spunky Goes Swimming Says:

    hey.. its Kristen.. and i was just gonna tell you that i came to your site and i love what i read.. its nice to see some1 with the same points of view as myself.. 🙂 well.. i guess ill let ya go.. but i wanted to say hey.. and oh yeah.. im sorta diggin this blogspot.com thing.. i made a name myself.. maybe ill write on it 🙂

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