Democrats are not very charitable.

What else is new? To the man on the street, the Democratic party is perceived as the champion of the downtrodden–the little man. So would you find it odd that the red states are actually more charitable than the blue states? Once again, Michelle Malkin leads the way in exposing the Democrats for the phonies that they are, by posting this Generosity Index.

I’m not surprised one bit. Personally, I find the Democrats are all talk and no conviction.

(hat tip: Michelle Malkin)


2 Responses to “Democrats are not very charitable.”

  1. Scott C. Smith Says:

    You should put up the chart that shows the divorce rate in the red states, and how it’s much higher than in the blue states. Kind of ironic that the morally superior red states have a problem with keeping a marriage together.

  2. Nightfighter Says:

    And so, what is your point about the lack of generosity that trickles from the so-called party of the little man, Steve?

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