Annan’s hyprocrisy.

With this latest report that Saddam Hussein skimmed over $21.3 Billion dollars from the UN’s oil-for-food program, it’s time to demand that the UN open its books on the failed program.

But don’t hold your breath–Kofi Annan’s son–Kojo was a sub-contractor for the UN program and reportedly skimmed millions for himself. Besides, transparency is not a favorite word of the UN General Secretary.

Let’s make a deal, Mr. Annan. Show us the books on the oil-for-food program, or you can take the UN to another country.

Update (11/17): Claudia Rossett weighs in on the UN Oil-for-food scandal with her Wall Street Journal editorial “Come Clean, Kofi”. Of course, you know he can’t because he is protecting his son, Kojo. Kojo was a sub-contractor with paid consultant to Cotecna Inspection SA, a Swiss-based company that received a contract for inspecting goods shipped to Iraq under the Oil-for-Food program.

Update II: The Heritage Foundation makes a clear case why Kofi didn’t want the US to depose Saddam in their latest report, Kofi Annan’s Shrinking Credibility

Update III: Robert Novak’s latest article suggests Kofi Annan and the UN are in a lot to trouble. Personally, I think he’s a thief.


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