Is it OK to express your hatred of Blacks….

if they are Republicans? The Democrats seems to think so–remember what I told you, the Democrats are the party of racial hatred..

I’ll give you the proof to my thesis in the coming days. For now, the rent must get paid!

Update I: J. Matt Barber chimes from his perch at the Canada Free Press, on my observation that the Democratic party is the party of Racism and devaluation of black participation in the American Dream. His latest foray in the morass which is the Democratic party’s sanction of racial attacks on Condi Rice is found in The Democratic party: Modern day slave master.

Barber writes:

Still, on the larger front in the battle between Republicans and Democrats for the hearts, minds, souls and votes of black Americans, it’s quite simple. The Democratic Party’s survival is dependent upon blacks being dependent upon the Democratic Party. Confusing? Not really. One of the Party’s chief tenets, and that which is most central to its survival, is the perpetual maintenance of Black America’s dependence on Big (Democrat controlled) Government — it’s the Party’s notion that another promised entitlement yields another black vote. For the Democratic Party to live another day, save another tree, kill another baby…the backward fiction that a successful black-man is not really a black-man at all, must live on. Once that is gone and the secret gets out — Checkmate! — Game-over.


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