Who are your friends?

Today, I was traveling around the blogosphere when I came across this cartoon by Faithmouse. It simply blew me away! You see…I’ve been blogging about the bigotry of Liberals–how they have been very successful at hiding their true feelings about Americans who are different, ie. Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Hardworking Americans who live in homes that are easily relocated.

I have always had this gnawing suspicion of the Democrats and perplexed by the loyalty of Blacks to this party that supported their enslavement–not to mention their segregation from opportunity. Now I have to admit, it was a stroke of genius the way the Democrats have spun their hatred of Blacks into support for civil rights and the resultant “programs” and “projects” to get votes.

It has worked like a charm for forty years. And as one would expect, the “programs” have crippled Blacks as countrymen, making them dependent on the Democrats for handouts–not to mention what it’s like to live in a project(hell hole). Simply stated, the black community is worse off today than it was in the midst of the Jim Crow. It is in crisis.

Well enough about those condescending bigots on the left and their compassionate programs…here’s that cartoon I was telling you about…

Click for Original

“Never turn your back on your friends.” Carlito Brigante

(hat tip: Lockjaw’s Lair)


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