Cosby takes the “Accountability Tour” on the Road

Yesterday, Bill Cosby visited one of San Francisco’s three “Dream Schools” at the invitation of San Francisco’s School Superintendent Arlene Ackerman. The Dream schools are located in what were once low performing public schools, but have been overhauled to include longer school days, Saturday schools, mandatory uniforms, a more rigorous curriculum and signed pledges by the parents to be active in their children’s education.

The San Francisco’s School Superintendent’s thoughts about Cosby’s recent critique of the Black communities lack of accountability to itself and our countrymen:

“We haven’t figured out a way to talk about it as African Americans….At least now we’re talking about it,” she said. “The truth is, many of the things he said are reality for those of us who work in urban public schools.”

Cosby’s thoughts on the outrage that his comments have ignited:

“I think we’re past the furor part now,” he said. “It’s a movement
now that needs to happen. … It’s time for people to just stop seeing
themselves so much as victims, so much in poverty, and realize what education does and fight for it like you’re fighting for your life — and you are because that’s what our children are.”

Once again the ‘Cos’ is right on!

(hat tip: Michael King)


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