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To All the Enemies of Freedom

January 30, 2005

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This tribute to the Iraqi People is a symbolic finger to all terrorists and the American Left.


Terrorists, American Left Get the Finger!

January 30, 2005

Well wishes from the Left to the Iraqi People:

The American Street

Saddam and his sons a bit too cruel? Simple. Kill 100,000 Iraqis and lose 1,500 troops doing it. To eliminate three men.

Andrew Sullivan

I think the anti-war left’s failure to believe in democracy is a greater failing than the pro-war right’s failure to grapple with some of the serious failings of the endeavor. But I hope today that everyone, whatever their view of the war or occupation, can rejoice in the defeat of evil and terror. It’s truly inspiring.

Check out this guy’s level of denial.

Informed Comment says:

On the other hand, if the turnout is as light in the Sunni Arab areas as it now appears, the parliament/ constitutional assembly is going to be extremely lopsided. It would be sort of like having an election in California where the white Protestants all stayed home and the legislature was mostly Latinos, African-Americans and Asians.

You believe this guy?

Buzzmachine reports : On Meet the Press this morning, John Kerry says: “This is the last chance for President Bush to get it right.”

Senator Kerry, you haven’t been right since you lied about your vietnam medals. This guy’s an idiot!

Elections in Iraq

January 29, 2005

Ali of Free Iraqi is excited! Tomorrow he is voting for the first time in his life. He will be voting for a Free Iraq. Read his thoughts on what is to be in Iraq, tomorrow.


Now, and thanks to other humans, not from my area, religion and who don’t even speak my language, I and all Iraqis have the real chance to make the change. Now I OWN my home and I can decide who’s going to run things in it and how and I won’t waste that chance. Tomorrow as I cast my vote, I’ll regain my home. I’ll regain my humanity and my dignity, as I stand and fulfill part of my responsibilities to this part of the large brotherhood of humanity. Tomorrow I’ll say I’M IRAQI AND I’M PROUD, as being Iraqi this time bears a different meaning in my mind. It’s being an active and good part of humanity. Tomorrow I and the Iraqis that are going to vote will rule, not the politicians we’re going to vote for, as it’s our decision and they’ll work for us this time and if we don’t like them we’ll kick them out! Tomorrow my heart will race my hand to the box. Tomorrow I’ll race even the sun to the voting centre, my Ka’aba and my Mecca. I’m so excited and so happy that I can’t even feel the fear I though I would have at this time.
I can’t wait until tomorrow. More>>

American Soldier, while taking a little time to reflect in Iraq, came to one conclusion: it’s the small thing we forget.

The thing that I’d want a person to get out this post is things aren’t as bad as they appear sometimes. When the world seems to beat you down to the point where things are so overwhelming, take advantage of that moment and focus on the things that make you happy. Hone in on those things and seize the moment. I know I am.

We are praying for your people, Ali. God bless the Iraqi people.

Iraq Elections: Blogger Roundup

January 27, 2005

Sistani’s blessings.

At last Sistani decided to give his “blessings” publicly to the United Iraqi Alliance list that contains the most of the religious She’at parties together with the INC and some small minority parties. Sistani cleared this issue on answering questions submitted by the Arabic newspaper Al Ra’ai Al Am (Link in Arabic). He mentioned that although he blesses the Alliance list, he still support all the patriotic lists.

source: Free Iraqi

Technology allows tipsters anonymity

U.S. and Iraqi officials insist they are getting more tips from Iraqis about insurgent activity since the Americans transferred sovereignty to an interim government last June. Interior Minister Falah Hassan al-Naqib said recently that calls to an insurgency hot line have produced a number of arrests, although officials refuse to give figures.

source: Live from Dallas

Iraqi Suspicious of Human Rights Watch

With all due respect to Human Rights Watch and such similar organizations; we find the timing of the report about abuses by the Iraqi security forces against captured terrorist suspects, highly suspicious coming at this particular time. Of course, all acts of brutality against innocents are highly reprehensible and quite unacceptable; however, if it is certain that the suspects in question are some of the be-headers, mass murderers and perpetrators of the daily atrocities and flagrant aggression against a whole people, they deserve to be skinned alive. Moreover, really, to ask for perfect behavior of the security forces in the present circumstances, is like asking for immaculate English eating manners and bow ties at a cannibal feast in the heart of the jungle.

source: The Mesopotamian

Bloody Day – 4 Days Left

Despite today being a very bad day for American soldiers, I believe over 30 died, I feel the pull of destiny stronger than ever. While the press is focusing on American deaths reaching a certain number, and we mourn all the dead who died for our freedom, it is at least comforting to know that the terrorists were not responsible for their deaths. The terrorists are getting weaker. The attacks they have carried out today were an anomoly, and if you look at statistics, attacks have been down.

source: Democracy in Iraq


Order is needed in every system, and law would assure the order in any society. Law either respected or enforced, so if the society would not respect the law then it must fear it.

After spending five day in a business trip to Basra again, I have came home three days ago filled with admire ness and respect to the Iraqi southern society which I found very cooperative and marching towards prosperity with steady steps.

source: Iraq & Iraqis

The New Iraq!

Only 72 hours to go for the election in Iraq for the first time in about 50 years!
What a great occasion not only for Iraq but for the Middle East which is full with dictatorship regimes resulted in more hate and extremists.

The Iraqis will go for electing the following:

To say NO for the terrorists!
Iraqi Constitution!
Elected government for 3 or 4 years!
Elected parliament!
Freedom of talk!
Opposition parties practice without blood shed and coups!
Strong Economy!
Friendship rather than hate with the civilised nations and states!
No wars!
No place for terrorists!
Good education!
Better health and services!
Iraq for the Iraqis irrespective of who they are except the killers and terrorists!
The Iraqi fine oil is for the people not the dictators and their gangs!
Law above all!
No place for the mad dogs!
Just and sooner Trail for the former members of the massgraves killing fields!

source: Hammorabi

Flying To The Moon……

“Tomorrow you have a day off”.Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. The relief when my boss uttered these words. Finally after working for every single day since the 2nd of January, no weekends,no Eid vacation, nuthin, I get to spend it BLOGGING…..yippeeee. It was all work work work, and BTW I aint complaining. Infact today I felt pretty weird for not waking up early in the morning and not going to work. I have to say that working with an International Organisation that is involved in the Iraqi elections is pretty interesting and very educational at the same time.

source: Neurotic Iraqi Wife

I’m optimistic, but I feel like I want to cry.

Hi, I’m back.. We came back to Mosul since yesterday. I and HNK agreed to have a day on computer for each in every two days, and I have to start working on my program and finish it before school starts again on the 2nd th of February. I don’t know if we’re going to be able to go to school on that date because it’s so close to the elections, and many schools have been used as centers of elections.. I guess we can start to count how many of those will be bombed. It might be interesting for you to know that none of us got his/her voting card!! There are rumors that gunmen took them from the source.. In Baghdad they did receive them, but only very few of them got correct information about them on the card, one woman of the whole family was categorized as a female! And they say that those cards are being sold and bought (I also read about this in Riverbend’s blog).

source: A Star from Mosul

MSM: Aiding and Abetting the Enemy

January 25, 2005

I found this excellent essay by Lt. Col. Tim Ryan on Blackfive. Lt Col Ryan is a Task Force Batallion Commander in the 1st Calvary and the Colonel believes the MSM is aiding and abetting the enemy.

(hat tip: Blackfive)

Racism: Former Klansman denies Rice Senate Vote

January 24, 2005

Remember those lovable Liberal/Progressive Democrats that made you feel warm all over with their compassion and ethnic/racial sensitivity during Jim crow, segregation and slavery? Well guess who’s isn’t saying a word about Ex-Klansman Senator Robert Byrd’s(D-WV)spiteful maneuver which denied Condi Rice a full Senate vote after winning overwhelming approval from the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee (16-2)?

Yeah…You guessed it. Those lovable liberals.

The MSM and those all knowing and compassionate liberals should be ashamed for staying quiet about this mean-spirited treatment of Rice’s nomination. Liberal who don’t express their outrage with this petty, not to mention childish behavior, should be embarrassed. All Democrats of good will must denounce this malicious brand of politics. Will any Democrat stand up and defend Rice’s right to a full senate vote? We’ll see.

But I won’t hold my breath!

(Hat tip: Neal Boortz)

Update: Check out this cartoon about Ole ‘Sheets’ Byrd’s maneuverings on Ramblings’ Journal

The Scriptorium knows a bigot when she smells one.

World Debate knows why “Former KKK Recruiter, Sen. Byrd Holds Up Condoleezza Rice Confirmation”.

Mainstream Media: Public Enemy No. 1

January 20, 2005

The Warrior Class Blog gives an excellent analysis on why the MSM must be considered an enemy of the Republic and the free world until further notice.

The mainstream news today is so alike in its world view, everyone knows what kind of information that they are looking for. Creating fake documents tailored to what the media’s is looking for is an extreme example, but every day thousands of press “sources” are adjusting what they say so that the press will listen to them. This happens both consciously and unconsciously. When a non-fiction author (like me) plans a book, he or she thinks about how it has to be phrased to get through the press’s mindset filter. The fact that presses attention can bring fame and fortune is a tremendous incentive to bend the story to the media’s preconceptions. Even Osama bin Laden is doing this now.

The mainstream media is caught in a trap of its own making. Media people think they hold the progressive opinions they do because they are better informed than average people. What they don’t realize is that, every day, every person they talk to is tailoring information to fit their progressive opinions. Even if a reporter went into the industry without a progressive viewpoint, it wouldn’t be long before this process created it. According to classical strategy, dynamics like this are virtually impossible to reverse.

Somehow this doesn’t look good for our war against International Islamic terroriism. First, the Democratic Party loses it way—has become the disloyal opposition–and now the MSM has become cheap scandal mongers. They have arrogant and disinterested in what is best for the country. Sadly, they appear only interested in what is best for them. Can you say $$$! Will the blogoshpere come to the rescue of the Republic?

Bill Cosby and Those Dirty Laundry Blues

January 14, 2005

On Thursday evening, Bill Cosby held a conversation with parents at Wayne County Community College in downtown Detroit. Here are some of the parents’ thoughts on Cosby’s critique of what ails the black community:

From the I’ve got a right to my hood–victimhood:

Greg Thrasher, a writer from West Bloomfield: In today’s political marketplace, it is vogue to attack and blame the victims of racism and oppression.

Bill Cosby is a classic hypocrite who will never reach black urban youth because they, like myself, resent folks who talk out of both sides of their mouth. He has shamed black speech patterns yet he makes black caricature movies. Cosby attacks black teens and their sexual immorality, yet he has committed adultery.

Cosby’s rants do nothing to motivate; instead, they contribute to the woes of the black underclass.

From the black apologist wing(I made it cause I’m better than those other blacks):

Godfrey Dillard, a Detroit attorney: Bill Cosby’s passionate plea for individual accountability resonates well on main street America. It also has broad support in black America. Black leadership from Fredrick Douglass to Louis Farrakhan has trumpeted the importance of self-help and a strong family nucleus. No one can dispute the necessity of individual responsibility in a free and democratic society.

The problem is not the message or the messenger. Seasoned observers of race understand more is in play than the machinations of individuals, Horatio Alger or boot-strap sociology. All too often, the critique of the underclass avoids the effects of the political, sociological and economic structures operating in America. Despite claims to the contrary, racism is not dead; the elimination of the stigma of black inferiority remains indispensable to any solution.

From the liberal intelligentisa wing of the black community(I’m different from those other blacks because I’m smarter):

Joe Darden, professor of urban affairs and geography at Michigan State University: Bill Cosby’s continuous public criticism and insensitive, sweeping generalizations about the failures of one of the most disadvantaged population groups in America cause me to question his intent. By blaming only struggling black, female-headed households living in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty, he may be making a bad situation worse.

Moreover, Cosby may be providing ammunition to mean-spirited policy-makers wishing to justify withdrawing any remaining assistance to a group they have always considered undeserving. In spite of living in the most deprived neighborhoods, many of these mothers are doing their best to support their children. What they need is a helping hand, not a slap down.

A more constructive approach would be for Cosby to find out about and help them get what they need. In return, they would be expected to keep “their end of the bargain.” This approach would be more effective than continuous inaction and humiliation.

On the eve of the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., blacks have the dirty laundry blues(you know, how dare you point out the moral crisis in the black community where white folks can hear). The solution is tough love and the good will of our fellow countrymen, which most blacks have demonstrated little insight about.

(hat tip: Booker Rising)

Tsunami: Damn those stingy Americans!

January 13, 2005

You big mouth, You! announces the total donations from the stingy, average American…..
$641,058,126…plus $350,000,000 from our govenment equals 991,058,126!.

Damn those stingy Americans only gave One billion dollars to Tsunami relief aid.

Tsunami: The Stingy List

January 5, 2005

$382,672,871 has been donated by Americans to date as reported by You Big Mouth, You! That’s 732,672,871 from the American public for Tsunami Relief. How much have the employees of the UN donated, I wonder?

Update (1/06): As of today, donations from Americans have reached …$401,784,551. Hey MSM, I dare you to call the rich Arab countries stingy!