Tsunami: We The People!

I know the liberals of our country want the Bush Adminstration to give some unseemly amount of money to the Tsunami victims, so that they don’t have to give directly. Then the world will adore us–they feel– for our good hearts, not to mention our fat wallets. But that is the liberal way, the conservative way is for the government to take the lead, and then to ask the people to show their heartfelt concern for the victims the Southeast Asian Tsunami by individual acts of sacrifice…

And donate the American People have! Read Private U.S. Aid for Tsunami Tops $200M.

That makes $350 million from the American Government plus $200 million from Joe citizen equals $550 million and counting…

Utlimately, it is not about the government… it’s about the people. The government’s job is to protect the inalienable, God given rights of the people. It is the people’s desire to manifest goodness and mercy. God Bless America. Have mercy on the suffering throughout the world, Father.


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