Mainstream Media: Public Enemy No. 1

The Warrior Class Blog gives an excellent analysis on why the MSM must be considered an enemy of the Republic and the free world until further notice.

The mainstream news today is so alike in its world view, everyone knows what kind of information that they are looking for. Creating fake documents tailored to what the media’s is looking for is an extreme example, but every day thousands of press “sources” are adjusting what they say so that the press will listen to them. This happens both consciously and unconsciously. When a non-fiction author (like me) plans a book, he or she thinks about how it has to be phrased to get through the press’s mindset filter. The fact that presses attention can bring fame and fortune is a tremendous incentive to bend the story to the media’s preconceptions. Even Osama bin Laden is doing this now.

The mainstream media is caught in a trap of its own making. Media people think they hold the progressive opinions they do because they are better informed than average people. What they don’t realize is that, every day, every person they talk to is tailoring information to fit their progressive opinions. Even if a reporter went into the industry without a progressive viewpoint, it wouldn’t be long before this process created it. According to classical strategy, dynamics like this are virtually impossible to reverse.

Somehow this doesn’t look good for our war against International Islamic terroriism. First, the Democratic Party loses it way—has become the disloyal opposition–and now the MSM has become cheap scandal mongers. They have arrogant and disinterested in what is best for the country. Sadly, they appear only interested in what is best for them. Can you say $$$! Will the blogoshpere come to the rescue of the Republic?


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