Elections in Iraq

Ali of Free Iraqi is excited! Tomorrow he is voting for the first time in his life. He will be voting for a Free Iraq. Read his thoughts on what is to be in Iraq, tomorrow.


Now, and thanks to other humans, not from my area, religion and who don’t even speak my language, I and all Iraqis have the real chance to make the change. Now I OWN my home and I can decide who’s going to run things in it and how and I won’t waste that chance. Tomorrow as I cast my vote, I’ll regain my home. I’ll regain my humanity and my dignity, as I stand and fulfill part of my responsibilities to this part of the large brotherhood of humanity. Tomorrow I’ll say I’M IRAQI AND I’M PROUD, as being Iraqi this time bears a different meaning in my mind. It’s being an active and good part of humanity. Tomorrow I and the Iraqis that are going to vote will rule, not the politicians we’re going to vote for, as it’s our decision and they’ll work for us this time and if we don’t like them we’ll kick them out! Tomorrow my heart will race my hand to the box. Tomorrow I’ll race even the sun to the voting centre, my Ka’aba and my Mecca. I’m so excited and so happy that I can’t even feel the fear I though I would have at this time.
I can’t wait until tomorrow. More>>

American Soldier, while taking a little time to reflect in Iraq, came to one conclusion: it’s the small thing we forget.

The thing that I’d want a person to get out this post is things aren’t as bad as they appear sometimes. When the world seems to beat you down to the point where things are so overwhelming, take advantage of that moment and focus on the things that make you happy. Hone in on those things and seize the moment. I know I am.

We are praying for your people, Ali. God bless the Iraqi people.


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