Terrorists, American Left Get the Finger!

Well wishes from the Left to the Iraqi People:

The American Street

Saddam and his sons a bit too cruel? Simple. Kill 100,000 Iraqis and lose 1,500 troops doing it. To eliminate three men.

Andrew Sullivan

I think the anti-war left’s failure to believe in democracy is a greater failing than the pro-war right’s failure to grapple with some of the serious failings of the endeavor. But I hope today that everyone, whatever their view of the war or occupation, can rejoice in the defeat of evil and terror. It’s truly inspiring.

Check out this guy’s level of denial.

Informed Comment says:

On the other hand, if the turnout is as light in the Sunni Arab areas as it now appears, the parliament/ constitutional assembly is going to be extremely lopsided. It would be sort of like having an election in California where the white Protestants all stayed home and the legislature was mostly Latinos, African-Americans and Asians.

You believe this guy?

Buzzmachine reports : On Meet the Press this morning, John Kerry says: “This is the last chance for President Bush to get it right.”

Senator Kerry, you haven’t been right since you lied about your vietnam medals. This guy’s an idiot!


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