Can Liberalism survive?

I’ve blogged about the impending death of the democratic party before after the debacle of 2004, but now it seems that their are others, like John Leo, who share my sentiments on the future of the shadow party.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Question for the day: if liberalism isn’t dead, then why are autopsies performed so regularly? In the latest examination of the much-probed cadaver, the New Republic’s editor-in-chief, Martin Peretz, recalls that John Kenneth Galbraith, in the early 1960s, pronounced American conservatism dead, citing as heavy evidence that conservatism was “bookless” or bereft of new ideas. Peretz writes, “It is liberalism that is now bookless and dying.” Liberals, he says, are not inspired by any vision of the good society; the liberal agenda consists of wanting to spend more, while conservatives want to spend less. And the lack of new ideas and the absence of influential liberal thinkers, he says, are obvious.

It is noteworthy that the party which brought us, militant secularism against religion and cultural relativism where all values are equal finds itself in a relative tailspin lost in the wilderness of political misjudgements. Even the strategist, Hillary Clinton is starting to show her chinks and has backed the no felon left behind legislation.


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