MSM Coverage of Pro-Syrian Demonstration a Sham

Once again, the MSM reports about the enemies of freedom without providing any context. If this were a US government, or political party sponsored rally, they would condemn the protest in no uncertain terms. But in the worldview of the MSM, we are the bad guys and the terrorists of the world are the noble head separators, the insurgents fighting against the imperalists. Outsiders who would impose that evil called freedom on the people of the Middle East. So telling the truth that this is a Syrian sponsored rally is out of bounds.

And now for the rest of the story:

Today’s headlines:

The guardian reports: “500,000 join pro-Syria Beirut protest” Or else!

Al Jazeera reports: “Hizb Allah rally draws thousands

CNN reports: Hezbollah rallies Lebanese to support Syria

The New York Times reports: Hezbollah Leads Huge Pro-Syrian Protest in Central Beirut

AP reports: “Thousands Answer Hezbollah Call in Beirut

The MSM is trying to portray this sham of a protest, as a grassroots expression of the will of Lebanese people, who not only want to protest the withdrawal of the Syrian Army but, who want to condemn George Bush and the other world leaders who want to assist the Lebanese people in the acquisition of their freedom.

The truth is this protest was a sham organized by the terrorist group Hizb Allah

Syrian-backed parties and factions have called for a massive demonstration in Beirut shortly in a counterstrike to popular anti-Syrian rallies that have been taking place in the capital for the past three weeks.


But some officials in Beirut have said busloads of Syrians are crossing the border to join the rally. And opposition figures said some mayors and village councilors were pressed to rally their constituents to take part. In the northern town of Rahbe, witnesses said one hundred dollars are being paid in exchange for participation in the Hizbollah-led rally, for car owners, and one hundred thousand Liras for people who do not own a vehicle. Witnesses said students in the town rallied against Rahbe’s school principle for forcing them to attend the pro-Syrian protest. Witnesses also aid at least fifty buses have crossed from Syria full of people heading to the rallies. Their Syrian license plates have been removed.

It is obvious to me that the MSM has lost its ability to report in a fair and balanced manner…..

The facts are:

  1. Hizb Allah is a terrorist organization.
  2. Some Lebanese were coerced to participate in this rally. Others were paid cash to participate.
  3. Protestors were bussed into Lebanon from Syria for the rally.
  4. There were signs in english. English. Guess to whom they were playing? Our gullible media. heh, heh.
  5. Nasrallah had the gall to pronounce that this coerced mass was democracy. Not quite, Nasr.
  6. Pro-Syrian organizers inflated the officially reported count of marchers.

The charade you put on today Mr. Nazrallah–that fooled our media–is not quite democracy in action, but we hope to show you (in conjunction with the Lebanesse people against Tyrants, of course) what freedom looks like real soon.


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