Pres. Bush is Right!

It’s becoming evident to the MSM that Pres. Bush’s strategy of attacking Islamic Terrorism by attacking the tyrannies propped up by Arab nationalism is working.

“Was Bush right after all?” This was the headline of the British newspaper The Independent last Tuesday. The fact that The Independent devoted its entire front page to the issue is significant because, two years ago, this left-of-center tabloid was the most vociferous opponent of the war to liberate Iraq. But The Independent is only joining a queue of other opponents of Iraq’s liberation to wonder whether or not the toppling of Saddam Hussein may have given democratic forces in the Middle East a historic chance.

Wait until the MSM realizes that what guided the administration’s offensive on Islamic Terrorism was Bush’s impeccable analysis as to the cause of the terrorism problem which is :

the status quo that the US had defended in the Middle East for almost 60 years, had produced a new and unusual streak of terrorism that poses the most serious threat to American national security.

democratic societies do not allow the formation of religious and ideological swamps in which the deadly mosquitoes of terror breed and multiply. Democracies will never mother an ideology that in turn brings forth Al-Qaeda.

Moreover wait until the MSM rediscovers these facts:

Popular aspiration for freedom and democracy has a long history in the Middle East. The first democratic movements appeared in Iran and Ottoman Turkey in the 1880s and led to constitutional revolutions that briefly transformed both states into constitutional monarchies. From the 1940s onwards the idea of democracy was pushed aside by that of nationalism in the context of independence movements in some Arab and other Muslim countries. From the mid-1950s socialism, in its various forms, was in the ascendancy. During the Cold War the Soviet bloc encouraged the anti-democratic left while the US threw its weight behind the anti-democratic establishments in place. From the mid-1970s Islamism emerged as an alternative to both the pro-Soviet left and the US-supported ruling elites.

With the failure of nationalism, especially its pan-Arab variant, and the collapse of socialism, it was soon the turn of Islamism to lose its luster. That created a political vacuum that the revived democratic forces of the region have tried to fill since the mid-1990s. It was only after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 against New York and Washington that the US began to pay attention to the democratic potential that existed in the Middle East.

And in spite of this good news that democracy is taking root in the Arab world, the international left continues their march into political oblivion withh pending anti-democracy rallies in the offing:

What is curious, however, is that the democratic movement in the Middle East is still regarded with suspicion by parts of Western public opinion. Next week dozens of marches will be held in London, Paris, New York and other major Western cities to denounce the liberation of Iraq. Sponsored by the leftovers of the left, the “Greens”, the so-called liberal-democrats, and the usual “useful idiots”, these marches will give vent to the anger provoked by the toppling of Saddam Hussein. So far, however, there are no Western marches in support of the democratic movement in the Middle East. Hatred of Bush and/or America let many people of good will into taking the side of Mulla Omar and Saddam Hussein in 2001 and 2003. The same hatred may persuade at least some of those same people to become political human shields for other despots in the region and beyond. And that would be another betrayal of the peoples of the Middle East who wish to join the mainstream of global politics.

Guess who’s got it wrong now? And you know these intellectual giants will not collectively admit their miscalculations for at least a generation or so. We can only hope.


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