Pay the lady, Mr. Governor!

The state of Georgia offered $60,000 to anyone who gave information which led to the arrest of Brian Nichols. Now that Ashley Smith did exactly that, why is the State of Georgia so slow to pay her reward?

The third day of Ashley Smith’s dramatically changed life brought the promise of at least part of the $60,000 offered for what she did Saturday: lead law enforcement to the capture of Brian G. Nichols, who allegedly shot four people, held her hostage at her apartment in Duluth then let her go.

Gov. Sonny Perdue has asked the state’s Office of Personnel and Budget to cut a $10,000 check for Smith.

The governor has suggested that the other law enforcement agencies and organizations that made pledges to the reward fund follow the state’s lead. Read more

Ms. Smith deserves our gratitude for ending the killing spree, not your weak suggestions that the other agencies pay up. Show some gratitude and pay the lady, Mr. Governor!

Update: Reward up to $40,000. The FBI is the lone hold out!

“There is a process associated with any reward money promised by the FBI,” spokesman Steve Lazarus said. “We fully recognize that Ashley Smith is eligible for the reward money for the capture of Brian Nichols. That said, the process is ongoing and we will discuss neither the process nor the timetable for its completion.”

Sounds like BS to me, guys. Pay the lady!


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