GOP’s Winning Strategy Gets Black Vote

Finally, the Republicans are using classic strategy and attacking Democrats where they live. The Strategy is to use two major wedge issues(homosexual marriage and abortion)to separate blacks from the Democratic Party.

With most African-Americans identifying as churchgoers, some pastors say a new emphasis on “family values,” especially opposition to same-sex marriage, is responsible for the shift. Bishop Harry Jackson, a Maryland pastor and registered Democrat, who voted against Bush in 2000 but supported him last year, is leading an effort called the “Black Contract With America on Moral Values.” The contract includes pledges to “protect marriages” and “eliminate abortion.”

And if anyone doubts the effectiveness this strategy, read this statement by Donna Brazile, Al Gore’s Campaign Chairman:

“Democrats should stop ignoring that Republicans are going after their most loyal base,” Brazile tells U.S. News, adding that Democrats “are in the Stone Age when it comes to African-American outreach.”

The kicker is: once blacks begin to prosper using conservative values and abandoning anti-americanism, the Democrats are a dead party. Not convinced yet?

…analysts agree that the GOP needs only modest gains to make a big difference. “For us, 20 percent [of the black vote] would be the death knell of the Democrats,” says Phyllis Berry Myers, a Mayflower founder. It doesn’t sound like an outsize goal. For Democrats, that’s a sobering thought.


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