Zimbabwe Elections: Mugabe the Monster!

In elections, that Robert Mugabe said will be as “free and fair elections” as any in the world, an opposition leader, Siyabonga Malandu, has come up missing.

Two British journalists were arrested in Zimbabwe today while interviewing voters.

Roman Catholic archbishop Pius Ncube of Bulawayo calls for a “non-violent mass popular uprising” if the ruling party wins the election by fraud.

Archibishop, you only use non-violent social change against someone of conscience. You do not attempt it against monsters. When going against vampires who obviously lack conscience, you only send your people to a slaughter. To this day, we still don’t understand the teaching of Rev. Martin Luther King.

Non-Violent Social Change can only be used against a good people who have gone astray.

Newflash: SEVENTY-eight per cent of people who have died in Zimbabwe since 1980 are registered to vote and are expected to support Robert ‘Monster’ Mugabe in tomorrow’s national poll.

Plea for end to Mugabe regime


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