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A WMD Flashback — John Kerry

April 21, 2005

‘If Saddam Hussein is unwilling to bend to the international community’s already existing order, then he will have invited enforcement, even if that enforcement is mostly at the hands of the United States, a right we retain even if the Security Council fails to act.’

John Kerry

Can you believe this phony?


Pope Benedict XVI — Do You Like Mysteries?

April 20, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, has been elected to lead the Catholic Church in the battle against the human face of evil. Long live Benedict XVI! But did you know that the most famous and best known prophecies about the popes were written by a 12th century priest named St. Malachi?

Well, I asked you if you liked mysteries? Maybe I should have asked if you were a student of ancient prophecies?

Anyway, St. Malachi, an Irish Priest, predicted the 267th Pope would fit the descriptor, Gloria Olivetae, or ‘the glory of the Olives’. What does ‘the glory of the Olives’ mean, you ask?

Well, many catholic students of St. Malachi’s prophecies believe that Gloria Olivetae mean:

1) A member or supporter of the Italian political party bearing that name.

2) A sprig from the root of Jesse, that is a cardinal with Jewish antecedents

3) A priest of the Benedictine order also called the Olivetans

4) One with the olive branch or tree in his personal or family coat of arms

5) One who reconciles or concilates or brings people together in some dramatic fashion.

Well, it looks like the students of the cryptic prophecies were fooled again. Cardinal Ratzinger, by taking the name of the Father of the Olivetans –St. Benedict,apparently fulfilled the prophecy of St. Malachi in a manner that no one could have predicted. Mystery solved, right?

Well it gets better. St. Benedict believed that the next to the last Pope would come from his Order and be integral in the fight against evil before the Apocalypse. Furthermore according to St. Malachi prophecy, the next Pope will be described by the motto…Petrus Romanus. ‘Peter the Roman’ will be the last Pope, if you believe St. Malachi.

So the question becomes, Which of the 200 or so cardinals is Peter the Wolf?

Rove Responds, Calls Demwits ‘Desperate’

April 19, 2005

In response to the personal attack on Tom Delay for activities known to be completely ethical and widely practiced by at least three dozen Democrats(to be named in this blog), Karl Rove made the following comments on behalf of the White House:

“We strongly support Tom DeLay,” he told CNN from the White House North Lawn. “He’s a good man; he’s a close ally of this administration.

“He was down here last week, visiting with the president a couple of times,” he added. “Tom DeLay’s going to continue to be a strong and effective majority leader for the Republicans in the House.”

“I’m sorry that the Democratic Party has been reduced to this kind of drivel,” he said. “If you don’t have ideas, if you’re not articulating a vision for America, if you’re doing nothing but obstructing as Dean and others in his party seem to be intent upon doing, I guess you’re stuck doing this kind of thing.”

Attaboy, Karl!

Iraq Journal: Ted Rall’s a Dum-dum!

April 19, 2005

If you’ve ever wondered…How can President Bush be so successful with all the passionate liberal opposition amassed against him? Read this excerpt from one of the Democrats’ intellectual pointmen, Ted Rall, cartoonist extraordinaire and ultra-humanitarian:

NEW YORK–If you read newspapers, listen to the radio or watch television, you know that the media has assigned Muqtada al-Sadr a peculiar job title: radical cleric. “Gunmen fired on supporters of the radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr on Friday,” reports the Associated Press wire service. National Public Radio routinely refers to “radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.” “The protesters were largely supporters of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr,” says CNN. Even Agence France-Press refers to him the same way: “Followers of a radical Shiite cleric marched in Baghdad.”

I wonder: Does he answer his phone with a chipper “Muqtada al-Sadr, radical cleric!”? Does it say “radical cleric” on his business card?

It’s a safe bet that neither al-Sadr nor his Iraqi supporters considers him particularly “radical.” And, if you stop to think about it, there’s nothing inherently extreme about wanting foreign troops to leave your country. Radical is a highly subjective word that gets thrown around without much reflection. What’s more radical, invading another nation without a good excuse or trying to stop someone from doing so? But that’s the problem: the media has become so accustomed to absorbing and regurgitating official government propaganda that they never stop to think. If you can stomach reading more

Instead of calling Muqtada al-Sadr, the radical cleric, I submit to the MSM that we called him “Mookie the Mensch”! Oh get real! How about “Mookie the moron”? Or better yet, “Mookie the Missing Link”. That should satisfy everyone including Ted Rall’s highly developed sensitive tendencies.

Hey Teddy, instead of worrying about Mookie, how about a little concern about our men in uniform? Oh snap, I forgot. In the mind of the Libreral, we are evil, imperialist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, fascistic America.

With countrymen like Teddy, who needs enemies!

Hat tip: Museum of Left Wing Lunacy

GMMR’s Scorched Earth Policy

April 18, 2005

I figure since we are going to punish people for doing nothing wrong. Let’s exposed everyone who is not doing anything wrong and see how they like it. You know the game the democrats are playing: The appearance of wrongdoing is sufficient to taint a Republican with wrongdoing. Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Congressman Bernard Sanders, Independent(he’s not a republican)from Vermont. Come on down! You’re the next contestant on, “You haven’t done anything wrong, but we’re making it look like you have. Besides we don’t have any idea how to improve the lives of the American people, so it on to the politics of personal destruction.

Another Congressman, Rep. Bernard Sanders(I) of Vermont has been exposed for no wrongdoing in the hiring of family members to help him with his congressional work. And the Rep. doesn’t like it. Why you say? Because of the appearance of impropriety. Here’s the article straight from the Bennington Banner:

The congressman doth protest too much

In Wednesday’s Banner, we ran a story that detailed payments Rep. Bernard Sanders has made to his wife and stepdaughter since 2000.

According to records filed with the Federal Election Commission, his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders received $91,020 from his campaign for consultation and negotiating the purchase of advertising time, from 2002 to 2004. About two-thirds of that money was used to pay media outlets, O’Meara Sanders said. Her daughter, Carina Driscoll, was paid $65,002 in wages over the same time period. She served as her stepfather’s campaign manager in 2000, fund-raiser and office manager in 2003 and his database manager last year.

None of this is illegal. The story did not state, or imply, that Rep. Sanders broke the law by hiring family members. An Associated Press story in Thursday’s paper points out that employing relatives is common practice among the nation’s lawmakers. It says about four dozen senators and representatives have hired family members for their campaign and political groups.

Of course, just because something is common practice and doesn’t break the law, doesn’t mean it’s totally kosher. Watchdog groups are rightly concerned. Even if family members earn their pay, there still remains the appearance of impropriety. Given the power that elected officials wield and the fact that they serve at the pleasure of their taxpaying constituents, there’s nothing wrong with holding them to higher standards. We’re not talking about a small contractor who hires his son over summer vacation and doesn’t mind paying him a little extra.

The way Rep. Sanders has reacted to the revelations, we think, indicates that he realizes how the situation looks. He claims the story was a lie, although the information came from public government records and was confirmed by his own staff, and he does not refute any of the facts in our report.

If Rep. Sanders believes the payments are on the up and up, a completely acceptable practice, he should come out and say so, instead of threatening not to speak with the media.

That’s another issue that concerns us. In Maryland, the governor banned the Baltimore Sun from attending press conferences because he didn’t like how he was being covered.

We at the Banner don’t pretend to have any more rights than the average citizen. But the average citizen does have the right to hold his or her elected officials accountable for their actions.

Not everyone has the time or resources to follow the government’s doings, but newspapers and other media do, and that’s the next best thing.

I believe that Tom Delay has accepted trips overseas like many of his Democratic colleagues have. And as I find the names of Democrats who have accepted trips paid for by third parties, I will post them here. I think the strategy of the Democrats is clear: They have no solutions( ie. New ideas ) to offer the public discourse about immigration, taxes, national security, social security, etc. So they have targeted the leadership of the Republican party by painting normal legislative behavior as curiously unethical. Tom ‘the hammer’ Delay, they think, is a perfect first target.

From my point of view, I see Rep. Delay’s continuing to lead the Republicans in congress and I see Democrats running like roaches as they get exposed for the very same behavior they have tried to smear Delay for.

So, if that’s how they want to play it, so be it. Our position is still more sound. We will offer solutions to the nations problems. Democrats will attack our party affilitates personally. We will lead the country through Islamic terroristic threats to prosperity. Democrats will play obstructionist games with the lives of the American People. We will continue to offer opportunity to anyone who wants to work to provide for their familys and the greater welfare of all free peoples. And the Democrats will continue to say no to opportunity and freedom, if it means freedom from their rule of you. So I put to you…Who do you think the public will vote for once this childish strategy of the Democrats is further exposed? Can you say Republican landslide in 2006?

Let’s expose everyone excluding republicans who has hired a family member. Email me if you have any names that need to be added to my list.

Tom Delay and the Politics of Personal Destruction

April 14, 2005

This is a list of Democrats who have family members on their campaigns or congressional staffs, just like Rep. Tom Delay.

Connecticut Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman: Son Matthew received about $34,000 and daughter Rebecca about $36,000 for working on the senator’s 2004 presidential campaign.

California Democratic Rep. Fortney “Pete” Stark: Wife Deborah earns $2,400 a month for serving as campaign consultant.

Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich.: Wife Laurie Stupak earned about $36,000 annually the past two years as the finance director for her husband’s campaign.

Rep. Jim Costa, D-Calif.: Cousin Ken Costa made about $45,000 for serving as a co-campaign manager last year.

Rep. Lincoln Davis, D-Tenn.: Sister-in-law Sharon Davis has been his campaign treasurer since 1994,and daughter Libby Davis was his campaign coordinator in the last half of 2004. Libby Davis was paid about $2,334 a month; Sharon Davis was paid about $1,000 a month for bookkeeping last year.

New York Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop: Daughter Molly was paid $46,995 as his 2004 campaign’s finance director.

(Updated 4/18) Vermont Independent Rep. Bernard Sander: Wife Jane Omeara paid $ 91,020 as Consultant and Advertisement Purchaser for 2002 to 2004. Her Daughter Carina Driscoll received 65,007 as Campaign Manager in 2000, Fundraiser and Office Manager in 2003, and Data Manager in 2004.

Source: Bennington Banner

Who would of known that this is a common and widely accepted practice amongst lawmakers with way the Demwits have been screaming bloody murder like little girls.

By the way, what do Democrats stand for? They have no idea that they are willing to say out loud. So,it’s getting more and more clear. The politics of personal destruction is another sign of a dying party.

ht: sfgate

Atlanta Olympic Bombing: The Night Alice Hawthorne Died.

April 13, 2005

(1952 -1996)

She was the only person to die as a result of the Atlanta Olympic Bombing. She had driven 3 hours from her home in Albany, GA to give her 14 year old daughter a special birthday present. A night of dancing with the world was the plan at the Atlanta Olympics.

Eric Rudolph has now accepted full responsibility for the Atlanta bombing. Guilty is his plea. He will be jailed for the rest of his life. But…what about Alice Hawthorne? She is already a footnote in the media’s story.

There was another way, but someone else will have to figure that out. Rudolph says his brand of violence was justified because abortion is being carried out on innocent fetuses everyday. What in the world were you thinking about Eric? Wasn’t Alice Hawthorne an innocent whose life was aborted?

An Ebony article on Alice Hawthorne

In Memory of Alice

A fitting tribute for Game victim

Atlanta remembers bomb victim with prayers

This is a promise that I made to Alice Hawthorne in the days following the Atlanta Olympic Bombing. You see, I too was in that park that night and I remember running to safety amidst the chaos and screams. People running and talking to each other. Rumors of bombs going off throughout Atlanta was the refrain.

Eventually, I got home and began to gather a fuller picture of the tragedy as I watched the news with the rest of a stunned world. I promised that I wouldn’t forget her and this is my tribute. I hope that you take the time to view some of the links provided about Alice Hawthorne. And maybe now she can finally rest in peace… Now her murderer has been brought to justice.

In this country, we put you in jail for using violence to achieve social justice. Shame. We should put Eric Rudolph to death for what he did. Shame. Take that to the bank…World!

I didn’t forget Alice. God Bless You!

Update(4/14): Rudolph aborted the other planned explosions after the death of Alice Hawthorne.

Reality Hits Iraqi Terrorists

April 6, 2005

Guess what’s the number one show in Iraq? It’s a reality show, where terrorists are interrogated about their jihadi activities against Iraqi freedom. As you can see they become speechless when the cameras are on them. The show is called, “Terrorism in the Hands of Justice”.

This should make it harder for the MSM to portray the terrorists as the noble insurgents, who are just trying to expel the bad Americans from the Islamic holy lands.

Voice of America reports on the success of Iraqs number one reality show, Terrorism in the Hands of Justice.

Pope John Paul II: Did You Know?

April 5, 2005

The man the ancient Catholic Mystics called De labore Solis (of the eclipse of the sun) will be buried during a solar eclipse according to NASA! Did you know that the man known as John Paul II, aka Karol Wojtyla, was born on May 18, 1920 during a solar eclipse?

Quote of the Day

April 5, 2005

“If you can’t change the people around you, change the people around you.”

Farrah Gray
American Entrepreneur
Author of Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out

Note: I heard this young man on Neal Boortz this morning and I thought I was listening to a 40 year old man. Good Stuff!!