Atlanta Olympic Bombing: The Night Alice Hawthorne Died.

(1952 -1996)

She was the only person to die as a result of the Atlanta Olympic Bombing. She had driven 3 hours from her home in Albany, GA to give her 14 year old daughter a special birthday present. A night of dancing with the world was the plan at the Atlanta Olympics.

Eric Rudolph has now accepted full responsibility for the Atlanta bombing. Guilty is his plea. He will be jailed for the rest of his life. But…what about Alice Hawthorne? She is already a footnote in the media’s story.

There was another way, but someone else will have to figure that out. Rudolph says his brand of violence was justified because abortion is being carried out on innocent fetuses everyday. What in the world were you thinking about Eric? Wasn’t Alice Hawthorne an innocent whose life was aborted?

An Ebony article on Alice Hawthorne

In Memory of Alice

A fitting tribute for Game victim

Atlanta remembers bomb victim with prayers

This is a promise that I made to Alice Hawthorne in the days following the Atlanta Olympic Bombing. You see, I too was in that park that night and I remember running to safety amidst the chaos and screams. People running and talking to each other. Rumors of bombs going off throughout Atlanta was the refrain.

Eventually, I got home and began to gather a fuller picture of the tragedy as I watched the news with the rest of a stunned world. I promised that I wouldn’t forget her and this is my tribute. I hope that you take the time to view some of the links provided about Alice Hawthorne. And maybe now she can finally rest in peace… Now her murderer has been brought to justice.

In this country, we put you in jail for using violence to achieve social justice. Shame. We should put Eric Rudolph to death for what he did. Shame. Take that to the bank…World!

I didn’t forget Alice. God Bless You!

Update(4/14): Rudolph aborted the other planned explosions after the death of Alice Hawthorne.


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