GMMR’s Scorched Earth Policy

I figure since we are going to punish people for doing nothing wrong. Let’s exposed everyone who is not doing anything wrong and see how they like it. You know the game the democrats are playing: The appearance of wrongdoing is sufficient to taint a Republican with wrongdoing. Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Congressman Bernard Sanders, Independent(he’s not a republican)from Vermont. Come on down! You’re the next contestant on, “You haven’t done anything wrong, but we’re making it look like you have. Besides we don’t have any idea how to improve the lives of the American people, so it on to the politics of personal destruction.

Another Congressman, Rep. Bernard Sanders(I) of Vermont has been exposed for no wrongdoing in the hiring of family members to help him with his congressional work. And the Rep. doesn’t like it. Why you say? Because of the appearance of impropriety. Here’s the article straight from the Bennington Banner:

The congressman doth protest too much

In Wednesday’s Banner, we ran a story that detailed payments Rep. Bernard Sanders has made to his wife and stepdaughter since 2000.

According to records filed with the Federal Election Commission, his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders received $91,020 from his campaign for consultation and negotiating the purchase of advertising time, from 2002 to 2004. About two-thirds of that money was used to pay media outlets, O’Meara Sanders said. Her daughter, Carina Driscoll, was paid $65,002 in wages over the same time period. She served as her stepfather’s campaign manager in 2000, fund-raiser and office manager in 2003 and his database manager last year.

None of this is illegal. The story did not state, or imply, that Rep. Sanders broke the law by hiring family members. An Associated Press story in Thursday’s paper points out that employing relatives is common practice among the nation’s lawmakers. It says about four dozen senators and representatives have hired family members for their campaign and political groups.

Of course, just because something is common practice and doesn’t break the law, doesn’t mean it’s totally kosher. Watchdog groups are rightly concerned. Even if family members earn their pay, there still remains the appearance of impropriety. Given the power that elected officials wield and the fact that they serve at the pleasure of their taxpaying constituents, there’s nothing wrong with holding them to higher standards. We’re not talking about a small contractor who hires his son over summer vacation and doesn’t mind paying him a little extra.

The way Rep. Sanders has reacted to the revelations, we think, indicates that he realizes how the situation looks. He claims the story was a lie, although the information came from public government records and was confirmed by his own staff, and he does not refute any of the facts in our report.

If Rep. Sanders believes the payments are on the up and up, a completely acceptable practice, he should come out and say so, instead of threatening not to speak with the media.

That’s another issue that concerns us. In Maryland, the governor banned the Baltimore Sun from attending press conferences because he didn’t like how he was being covered.

We at the Banner don’t pretend to have any more rights than the average citizen. But the average citizen does have the right to hold his or her elected officials accountable for their actions.

Not everyone has the time or resources to follow the government’s doings, but newspapers and other media do, and that’s the next best thing.

I believe that Tom Delay has accepted trips overseas like many of his Democratic colleagues have. And as I find the names of Democrats who have accepted trips paid for by third parties, I will post them here. I think the strategy of the Democrats is clear: They have no solutions( ie. New ideas ) to offer the public discourse about immigration, taxes, national security, social security, etc. So they have targeted the leadership of the Republican party by painting normal legislative behavior as curiously unethical. Tom ‘the hammer’ Delay, they think, is a perfect first target.

From my point of view, I see Rep. Delay’s continuing to lead the Republicans in congress and I see Democrats running like roaches as they get exposed for the very same behavior they have tried to smear Delay for.

So, if that’s how they want to play it, so be it. Our position is still more sound. We will offer solutions to the nations problems. Democrats will attack our party affilitates personally. We will lead the country through Islamic terroristic threats to prosperity. Democrats will play obstructionist games with the lives of the American People. We will continue to offer opportunity to anyone who wants to work to provide for their familys and the greater welfare of all free peoples. And the Democrats will continue to say no to opportunity and freedom, if it means freedom from their rule of you. So I put to you…Who do you think the public will vote for once this childish strategy of the Democrats is further exposed? Can you say Republican landslide in 2006?

Let’s expose everyone excluding republicans who has hired a family member. Email me if you have any names that need to be added to my list.


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