Rove Responds, Calls Demwits ‘Desperate’

In response to the personal attack on Tom Delay for activities known to be completely ethical and widely practiced by at least three dozen Democrats(to be named in this blog), Karl Rove made the following comments on behalf of the White House:

“We strongly support Tom DeLay,” he told CNN from the White House North Lawn. “He’s a good man; he’s a close ally of this administration.

“He was down here last week, visiting with the president a couple of times,” he added. “Tom DeLay’s going to continue to be a strong and effective majority leader for the Republicans in the House.”

“I’m sorry that the Democratic Party has been reduced to this kind of drivel,” he said. “If you don’t have ideas, if you’re not articulating a vision for America, if you’re doing nothing but obstructing as Dean and others in his party seem to be intent upon doing, I guess you’re stuck doing this kind of thing.”

Attaboy, Karl!


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