Pope Benedict XVI — Do You Like Mysteries?

Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, has been elected to lead the Catholic Church in the battle against the human face of evil. Long live Benedict XVI! But did you know that the most famous and best known prophecies about the popes were written by a 12th century priest named St. Malachi?

Well, I asked you if you liked mysteries? Maybe I should have asked if you were a student of ancient prophecies?

Anyway, St. Malachi, an Irish Priest, predicted the 267th Pope would fit the descriptor, Gloria Olivetae, or ‘the glory of the Olives’. What does ‘the glory of the Olives’ mean, you ask?

Well, many catholic students of St. Malachi’s prophecies believe that Gloria Olivetae mean:

1) A member or supporter of the Italian political party bearing that name.

2) A sprig from the root of Jesse, that is a cardinal with Jewish antecedents

3) A priest of the Benedictine order also called the Olivetans

4) One with the olive branch or tree in his personal or family coat of arms

5) One who reconciles or concilates or brings people together in some dramatic fashion.

Well, it looks like the students of the cryptic prophecies were fooled again. Cardinal Ratzinger, by taking the name of the Father of the Olivetans –St. Benedict,apparently fulfilled the prophecy of St. Malachi in a manner that no one could have predicted. Mystery solved, right?

Well it gets better. St. Benedict believed that the next to the last Pope would come from his Order and be integral in the fight against evil before the Apocalypse. Furthermore according to St. Malachi prophecy, the next Pope will be described by the motto…Petrus Romanus. ‘Peter the Roman’ will be the last Pope, if you believe St. Malachi.

So the question becomes, Which of the 200 or so cardinals is Peter the Wolf?

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