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Memorial Day: In Remembrance

May 29, 2005 has a great site in honor of our fallen soldiers. I hope you take some time to pray for our fallen in all of the American Wars and conflicts,too. Go over and check it out!

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How can you tell a Media Moonbat?

May 29, 2005

By the main premise of their essay…

Muslims hate us because of a fake Quran story.
The Guantanamo Prison was the site of the phoney story.
Muslim hatred will make it easier to recruit criminals known as Terrorists.
Terrorists kill Americans.

Therefore, if we destroy Guantanamo Prison, there won’t be any fake stories about Koran desecration. Muslims will love us again and stop creating criminals aka Terrorists who kill — Americans.

The more they write this inane drivel, the dumber these media types sound.

Let me give you some context for this morning’s rant:

This morning as I watched Bob Schieffer’s interview the Joint Chief of Staff Gen. Myers, Tom Friedman of NYT was mentioned. It seems Friedman has written an essay extolling the virtues of abandoning Guantanamo Prison because it has become a source of embarrassment for the US Military. Silly me, I thought Newsweek got embarrassed. Anyway, here’s Tom…

Shut it down. Just shut it down.

I am talking about the war-on-terrorism P.O.W. camp at Guantánamo Bay. Just shut it down and then plow it under. It has become worse than an embarrassment. I am convinced that more Americans are dying and will die if we keep the Gitmo prison open than if we shut it down. So, please, Mr. President, just shut it down.

If you want to appreciate how corrosive Guantanamo has become for America’s standing abroad, don’t read the Arab press. Don’t read the Pakistani press. Don’t read the Afghan press. Hop over here to London or go online and just read the British press! See what our closest allies are saying about Gitmo. And when you get done with that, read the Australian press and the Canadian press and the German press.

I believe the stories emerging from Guantanamo are having a similar toxic effect on us – inflaming sentiments against the U.S. all over the world and providing recruitment energy on the Internet for those who would do us ill.(The Full Story)

So let me get this right. Tom wants us to shut down our Military Prison at Guantánamo because of the false press generated by the discredited Newsweek article and it has increased the Muslim World’s hatred of us.

Newsflash, Tommy Boy! They hated us before the fake Newsweek article and besides Al Qaeda terrorists are trained to accuse our military of mistreating the Quran to curry favor with those in the Muslim world so inclined to hate us. And what is the essential cog in the Al Qaeda-Muslim World propaganda machine? Our loyal Mainstream Media — the watchdogs against tyranny. The protectors against corrupt governments. The champion of the championless. But who’s going to protect us from you, idiots?

Proof: Sex Can Make You Go Blind!

May 27, 2005

Remember when your Mother tried to stop you from masturbating by telling you that sex would make you go blind! Well, there appears to be proof: Mama was right!

Researchers at the University of Minnesota Medical School in the US identified seven men who developed vision problems after taking Viagra.

The team, writing in the Journal of Neuro-ophthalmology,said it brought the total number of reported cases to 14.

The seven men, aged between 50 and 69 years old, had all suffered from a swelling of the optic nerve within 36 hours of taking Viagra for erectile dysfunction.

Pfizer takes these reports very seriously, as we do anything concerning the safety of patients
Pfizer spokeswoman

Six experienced vision loss within 24 hours, although only one had problems with both eyes.

The condition, known as nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION), causes a rapid reduction of vision and can, in the most serious cases, lead to blindness.

Report co-author Dr Howard Pomeranz said the drug had long been linked to sight problems.

“For years, we have known some men who take Viagra will experience temporary colour changes in their vision and see things as blue or green.

“NAION is a much more serious condition because it can lead to permanent vision loss.”

But a Pfizer spokeswoman said: “Pfizer takes these reports very seriously, as we do anything concerning the safety of patients.(The Full Story)

Heart Attacks, fainting spells, blindness. Man, the sounds like real sex to me! Geesh, that Viagra is good stuff!

Take a look….

May 26, 2005

here’s the official memorandum in it’s entirety…


We respect the diligent, conscientious efforts, to date, rendered to the Senate by Majority Leader Frist and Democratic Leader Reid. This memorandum confirms an understanding among the signatories, based upon mutual trust and confidence, related to pending and future judicial nominations in the 109th Congress.

This memorandum is in two parts. Part I relates to the currently pending judicial nominees; Part II relates to subsequent individual nominations to be made by the President and to be acted upon by the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.

We have agreed to the following:

Part I: Commitments on Pending Judicial Nominations

A. Votes for Certain Nominees. We will vote to invoke cloture on the following judicial nominees: Janice Rogers Brown (D.C. Circuit), William Pryor (11th Circuit), and Priscilla Owen (5th Circuit).

B. Status of Other Nominees. Signatories make no commitment to vote for or against cloture on the following judicial nominees: William Myers (9th Circuit) and Henry Saad (6th Circuit).

Part II: Commitments for Future Nominations

A. Future Nominations. Signatories will exercise their responsibilities under the Advice and Consent Clause of the United States Constitution in good faith. Nominees should only be filibustered under extraordinary circumstances, and each signatory must use his or her own discretion and judgment in determining whether such circumstances exist.

B. Rules Changes. In light of the spirit and continuing commitments made in this agreement, we commit to oppose the rules changes in the 109th Congress, which we understand to be any amendment to or interpretation of the Rules of the Senate that would force a vote on a judicial nomination by means other than unanimous consent or Rule XXII.

We believe that, under Article II, Section 2, of the United States Constitution, the word “Advice” speaks to consultation between the Senate and the President with regard to the use of the President’s power to make nominations. We encourage the Executive branch of government to consult with members of the Senate, both Democratic and Republican, prior to submitting a judicial nomination to the Senate for consideration.

Such a return to the early practices of our government may well serve to reduce the rancor that unfortunately accompanies the advice and consent process in the Senate.

We firmly believe this agreement is consistent with the traditions of the United States Senate that we as Senators seek to uphold.

To be honest, I don’t know what to think. I’ll let you know in a couple of days after Judge Janice Rogers Brown is confirmed.

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Charter Schools Are Better!

May 26, 2005

A report from the Associated Press released yesterday highlighted that Charter schools outperformed public schools by 33 percent. Big deal, we all knew that would be the case! The question we all want to know is why? As usual, the study doesn’t ask the hard question, so we can’t address the root problem of academic under-achievement.

California’s charter schools are 33 percent more likely to meet their academic goals than traditional public schools, a study released Wednesday found.

Classroom-based charter middle schools stood out in particular, with 81 percent meeting the state-set goals for student improvement, compared with 54 percent of traditional schools, according to EdSource, a Palo Alto-based nonpartisan organization that studies public education.

Researchers looked at demographically similar students who were at the same academic starting point, using scores from California’s high school exit exam and the Academic Performance Index, which includes results from several standardized tests.

The study didn’t examine what caused the difference. (Read the whole story)

Why is someone protecting the NEA at the expense of the children?

Al Zarqawi Injured…Not Interested!

May 24, 2005

MSM is abuzz with reports that Al Zarqawi may be near death. Personally, I could care less! Get back to me boys, when he’s DEAD!

Related reports from the activist journalists…

Yahoo: Iraq Qaeda says Zarqawi wounded, urges prayers-Web
AFP: Zarqawi wounded: website
Reuters: Iraq Qaeda says Zarqawi wounded, vows more attacks

Update I (2:39pm):

AP: Web Posting: Iraq al-Qaida Leader Injured

Update II (5/25):

Washington Post: Zarqawi Shot in Lung
Times Online: Militants rally round al-Zarqawi

Any minute now, the media will start to cry over this maniac’s injuries.

Linda Foley Starts Easongate II

May 20, 2005

This is outrageous. Ms. Foley needs to either provide proof of her allegations, or she needs to shut up!

May 19, 2005

The president of a group representing reporters worldwide is accusing U.S. soldiers of committing atrocities without offering any evidence to back the charge up.

Appearing in St. Louis on Friday, Newspaper Guild President Linda Foley complained:

“What outrages me as a representative of journalists is that there�s not more outrage about the number, and the brutality, and the cavalier nature of the U.S. military toward the killing of journalists in Iraq.”

In case anyone missed the point, Foley restated her allegation:

“They target and kill journalists … uh, from other countries, particularly Arab countries like Al -, like Arab news services like Al-Jazeera, for example. They actually target them and blow up their studios with impunity. …”

Foley’s remarks, which were aired Wednesday night on Sinclair Broadcasting’s “The Point,” drew outrage from the program’s host, Mark Hyman.

“These completely irresponsible remarks speak for themselves,” Hyman told his viewers. “Foley should immediately deliver evidence that supports her horrible allegations or she should immediately resign as Newspaper Guild president.”

The Sinclair host added: “Unfortunately, the damage may have already been done. Her remarks could lead to further bloodshed, including against Americans.”

What a great time to be a citizen blogger! While the arrogant fourth estate implodes, we get to monitor their every unsubstantiated pronouncement.

Sharpton: Dean’s DNC Excludes Blacks

May 20, 2005

So what else is new, Al? The Democratic Party has always been the bastion of Racism in American. Al’s not to bright, but it looks like he’s finding out which way the wind’s blowing.

May 18, 2005

Sharpton: Dean’s DNC Excludes Blacks

The Rev. Al Sharpton blasted Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean on Tuesday, saying that under his leadership, African-Americans have been excluded from top Democratic Party positions.

“I’m taking Dean to task right now for the lack of black inclusion at the highest levels of the Democratic Party,” Sharpton told WWRL radio hosts Steve Malzberg and Karen Hunter. “It’s the lowest in thirty years.”

The Harlem firebrand and one-time presidential candidate said that as things stand now, the Republican Party is making more progress including blacks than Dean’s team.

“We ought to have more to show [for our support],” he complained. “And we should ask why, as the Republicans, ironically, are running blacks [for office], that [Dean] has left blacks out of the top echelon of the Democratic Party.”

Sharpton also said that Dean needed to apologize for racially charged remarks last February, where the top Democrat suggested that Republicans could attract blacks to their party if they summoned the “hotel staff.”

“That was at a DNC session where we were running candidates for chair and vice chair,” Sharpton recalled. “I said right at that session that he ought to apologize, absolutely.”

Judge Brown on Race in America

May 20, 2005

“benign motivation cannot sanction a requirement that conflicts with the proscription against discrimination and preferential treatment on the basis of race and sex.”

Judge Janice Rogers Brown
California Supreme Court

Translation: People should be treated equally, regardless of race.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Janice Rogers Brown — A Bench Memo

May 20, 2005

“She’s a brilliant African American woman who is able to articulate a conservative judicial philosophy, and the Democrats can’t stand it. I think it upsets the orthodoxy of the left to have someone who is brilliant and articulate who also happens to be black and female.”

Steve Merksamer
Partner, Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Mueller & Naylor.

Source: Sacramento Bee

“We who have worked with her on a daily basis know her to be extremely intelligent, keenly analytical and very hard working. We know that she is a jurist who applies the law without favor, without bias and with an even hand.”

Claire Cooper
Source: Sacramento Bee

“It takes judges with a deep respect for the law, and a willingness to set aside their personal views when making decisions. It takes judges with fearlessness, with a sense of confidence that the ‘right’ outcome will not always be the most POPULAR. Californians have a chance to cast a vote for an independent judiciary on November 3 by retaining … Supreme Court justices who … have all demonstrated a commitment to sound decision making…. The judiciary’s job is to make sure that laws are applied fairly. George, Chin, Mosk and Brown have approached this duty with diligence and integrity. They should be retained.”

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle, Editorial 9/27/98