Larry ‘Doc’ Neace — The Sleeper’s Gambit.

Ever wonder why Georgia’s ranked last is education? Read this AJC report! It foretells the sad state of education in Georgia. Now parents and boards decide what grade you get in class, not your total performance.

The Gwinnett County School Board voted early Friday to fire a Dacula High School science teacher who refused to raise the grade he gave a student athlete who appeared to be sleeping in class.

Neace, who has taught at Dacula High for 23 years, was removed from class after he refused to raise the grade he had given a football player on an overnight assignment. Neace said he cut the student’s perfect grade in half because he thought the student had fallen asleep at his desk the day the assignment was made.

“What we have in this case is a case of a pampered football athlete sleeping in class and being given favored treatment on an academic grade,” said Michael Kramer, another of Neace’s lawyers. “What we have here is the principal essentially attempting to coerce and intimidate a teacher.”

School officials said they gave Neace a chance to restore the football player’s grade. When he refused, they sent him home. He has not been allowed back at school since April 14, when he was told he could resign or face being fired.

Neace said he had a practice of reducing the grades of students who waste time or sleep in class. His course syllabus warns that wasting class time can “earn a zero for a student on assignments or labs.” No administrators had previously complained about the practice, which he adopted more than a decade ago, Neace said.

“It’s overwhelming — the support, the phone calls, the e-mails, the [editorials] in the paper,” Neace said Thursday afternoon. “I am getting support from all over the country. I got an e-mail from a professor at Rutgers University that said he wishes more teachers would do what I was doing, because it would make his job so much easier in the classroom if kids were prepared to take responsibility for what they do.”

Neace said he got the nickname “Doc” years ago because of an exercise he led in class. That day he wore a lab coat and a stethoscope as he took the blood pressure of students. “Somebody said, ‘Mr. Neace looks like a doctor,’ ” he said. “That was 22 years ago, and the name stuck.”

Dacula High parent Nancy Penn said she supports Neace’s methods. She said her daughter, a former student of Neace’s, understood and respected his practice of penalizing students who fall asleep in class.

“As a parent, if my student was falling asleep in class, I would be upset,” Penn said. “I do not have a problem with him using tactics to bring my student to attention in class. A teacher needs authority to govern his students. If someone takes away his authority, how can he manage his classroom?”

School officials said the issue was not that a student fell asleep in class. Instead, they said, Neace refused to abide by a school district policy that says, “Grading is not to be used for discipline purposes.”

Mr. Neace teaches Physics. This student’s job is to study learning. And if you asked the students who have graduated from ‘Doc’s’ class, they will tell you that he prepared them for life. What are you preparing your son for? Oh yeah! I’m looking for your name and we are going to print it all over the blogosphere soon! The Gwinnett County Board should be sacked and this bad policy should be removed! A grade should indicative of the whole academic process. And that includes how you attained the grade.

Your can’t get a good grade while asleep. Just ask the student’s of all the Board’s of Education’s in Georgia, what they have learnt while their educators sleep?

Update I: The blogosphere lights up for ‘Doc” Neace.

Update II: Zero Intelligence says, “Sleep in class, get a zero. Unless you play football.”

Updage III: Barry Cheek is the name of the idiotic parent who thinks his son is above being penalized for sleeping in class. Hey Barry! Try sleeping in the boardroom and see what penalties are incurred. Mr. Neace is trying to not only teach your dumb son physics, but to help prepare your child for a successful life. You sycophantic dimwit!

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