Reinstate Larry ‘Doc’ Neace

This post is in honor of Larry ‘Doc’ Neace, Gwinnett County Physics teacher who was fired for demanding excellence from his students.

Here are what bloggers covering this story have to say….

Slobokan’s Site O’ Schtuff covers this sad situation in “More Antics In Gwinnett County”.

No Government Cheese has an interesting take on the punitive measures taking against a Teacher for docking a students grade for sleeping in class. Read “Stupid Is As Government School Does”.

Morning Blend notes in “A High school football player sleeps in class” that another student was sleeping in class and received a reduced grade. You have to read his entry to get the rest of the story.

‘Doc’ Neace’s firing has Enlightenment Reactionary’s blood boiling. Thank God, he relieves the pressure with this vent, “Why There Is No Education In Public Education”.

Common Folk Using Common Sense
says didn’t you know that “Sleeping In Class Is More Important Than Listening To The Teacher”. Doh! I forgot! What was I thinking staying awake in class all those years.

At Tondar’s Daily Rant, Tondar calls Wesley (the sleeping wonderboy) Cheeks’ Dad, Barry, a douche bag. And I think he really means it. More at Tondar’s place.


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