The White House to ‘Ole Dirty’.

From the White House:

“The president has worked to change the tone in Washington by elevating the discourse and reaching out to find common ground to get things done,” McClellan said.

“It has been a challenge and it has been disappointing that we haven’t been able to make more progress on that front. I think the American people want their elected leaders to elevate the discourse and to reach out across partisan lines and that’s what the president will continue to do,” he said.

Good first start, Ole Dirty Mcgirt. Now you need to expose the whole DemocRAT policy — of being rude to the President at every opportunity, then apologizing. You’ve apologized to the president for your thoughtful comments. Now you need to apologize to the Nevada High School students for not spewing more gutter talk about their President.

Come on, DemocRATs hop to it! I believe you, you can do better than this! Call the President some real dirty names in public.

ht: Blogs for Bush


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