Wowing Them in Tbilisi

Straight from The New York Times

“It was heartwarming to see President Bush welcomed warmly in Riga, Latvia, and drawing huge crowds in Tbilisi, Georgia…”

As expected the MSM comments on the great success of the President’s European trip a day or two after those geniuses figure out an appropriate spin on the whole matter.

It’s official! Despite the large crowds in Tbilisi and the President telling out Pu Pu head, the President’s trip was a resounding…failure!

You know, it takes time to think up brilliant repartee — a la Ole Dirty Harry and no, no Nancy style.

Anyway, I can’t recommend reading the rest of the tripe, unless you need to study the ole Democratic strategy of give a compliment and then take it back with the same breath. Oh as we say in Georgia. Talkin’ out the side of yo’ neck.

Well, back to work. I just couldn’t resist gloating over the continued demise of the Ole Dinosaur(aka The MSM) and the great success of President Bush, as he encourages the spread of Democracy throughout the world.


PS. First the MSM, then the DemocRATic party.


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