Feminist Female Hoaxer: The Fruit of Feminism?

This kind of story makes you wonder how many men have been falsely accused and imprisoned because some hysterical feminist had no object to direct her hatred? I’m sure if we looked around we would observe that it happens far more than we’d like to admit.

From John Ray’s Political Correctness Watch

On April 8, the president of the Brevard, Fla., chapter of the National Organization for Women was charged by the Florida state attorney’s office with filing a false rape report and making a false official statement. She could be imprisoned for one year on each count and forced to pay for the police investigation she incurred. The case has far-reaching implications for gender politics and for women who report sexual assault in the future.

The facts are as follows. On Nov. 17, 2004, part-time Rollins College student Desiree Nall reported being raped in a campus bathroom by two men. The Winter Park Police Department put Rollins on `high alert,’ advising students to remain indoors when possible. The dean immediately dispatched a campus-wide email to assure students that extra security measures were being taken. In a Sandspur article entitled “A Rape Hoax is No Way to Get Attention,”Jean Bernard Chery relates how the incident impacted campus life. “It was a nightmare for every female student and faculty/staff at Rollins. They were afraid to go to the bathroom or walk on campus alone after dusk..The incident prompted a candlelight vigil on campus in support of the alleged victim [then unnamed],” Chery wrote.

The police had reason for skepticism. Nall could not assist with composite sketches, offered inconsistent details and did not wish to press charges. An examination at a sexual assault treatment center after the alleged attack produced no evidence of foreign DNA. Due to publicity and campus panic, however, a police investigation continued at a final estimated cost of more than $50,000. The report of rape was judged a hoax. According to police, on Nov. 19,Nall phoned and asked to have the case dropped. When Detective Jon Askins questioned her original report, Nall reportedly confessed that she was “not a victim of a sexual batter.” The police speculate that Nall, a vocal feminist, may have been trying to “make a statement” about violence against women. The allege raped occurred during Sexual Assault Awareness Week, which was intended to highlight the issue of sexual violence against women……

NOW apparently wishes to maintain distance as well. As of Monday, searching it’s website for the term “Nall” returns no results. After all, NOW has argued that women do not lie about rape. Catharine MacKinnon–a founding mother of the gender feminism that NOW promotes — stated in her book, Feminism Unmodified, “The reason feminism uncovered this reality [of male oppression], its methodological secret, is that feminism is built on believing women’s accounts of sexual use and abuse by men.” If this methodology is debunked, if women are viewed as no more or less likely to lie than men, then the foundation of gender politics collapses.

Assuming that Nall lied, she has achieved the opposite of what I believe she intended. By “crying rape” she has made every woman who is a victim less credible and less likely to receive justice from the police or the public. She has made women less safe. Rollins student Elizabeth Humphrey states the point simply: “Lying about that story is absolutely horrible because women are victimized every day. And if we get the reputation of lying, then people won’t start to believe us if it does happen.”

Instead of publicizing sexual violence against women, Nall has spotlighted the problem of false accusations against men. Her case also raises the question of whether NOW-style feminists encourage false accusations when they flatly insist that women must be believed.


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