The Liberalized MSM is a Terrorist’s Best Friend.

The Warrior Class Blog once again delivers the goods.

In it’s latest post, WCB explains that the liberalized MSM has become unwitting dupes of a criminal enterprise that has spun out of control. Funded by Iran, Syria and other Terrorist organizations who don’t want a democracy in the region, the terrorists are creating media fodder. If you ask me, the liberalized MSM is starting to look like a terrorist organization.

The New York Times is mystified because the “insurgency” in Iraq doesn’t seem interested in winning hearts and minds. Dafydd ab Hugh at Powerline explains part of the confusion is that the NYT confuses a death cult with a real political insurgency. However, both miss the real strategy. The point of the bombings isn’t just to kill people. It is to make news. Terror is nothing more than criminal behavior amplified by the news media in order to blackmail society. It financial roots are based in the advertising that it gets from media play, not controlling the productive countryside.(The Full Story)

My mother always said, “You’re known by the company, you keep”.


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