Democrats Attack Black Woman

And you thought the Democrats were the party of women and Blacks. Well,
meet the Black woman that the Democrats are attacking. Where’s Jesse when you need him? Tijuana, you say?

NAME — Janice Rogers Brown.

JOB — California Supreme Court Justice.

AGE-BIRTH DATE — 56, Born May 11, 1949, Greenville, Ala.

EDUCATION — B.A. California State University, Sacramento, 1974; J.D. University of California, Los Angeles School of Law, 1977; LL.M. University of Virginia School of Law, 2004.

EXPERIENCE — Associate Justice, California Supreme Court, 1996 to present; Associate justice, Sacramento-based 3rd District Court of Appeals, 1994-1996 (both appointments were by former California Gov. Pete Wilson); Wilson’s legal affairs secretary, 1991-1994; Sacramento lobbying law firm of Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello & Mueller, 1989-1991; general counsel, California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, 1987-1989; deputy California attorney general, 1977-1987.

FAMILY — Married to Dewey Parker, a jazz musician. Two children.


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