Koran Desecretion Hoax — The Islamic World’s Response

Let’s take a look at the Islamic World’s response to being outed by the false Newsweek story…

Aaron Klein of World Net Daily reports, Palestinian Muslims desecrated Joseph’s tomb in Israel in response to Newsweek hoax. No apologies yet.

Dennis Prager essay “Newsweek and the rioters: 2 faces of anti-Americanism”, explains how Muslims can’t put the genie (their hatred) back in the bottle. They have disgraced themselves and we won’t forget.

Update: Flames of hate, This is London

Muslim protesters today called for the bombing of New York in a demonstration outside the US embassy in London. There were threats of “another 9/11” from militants angry at reports of the desecration of the Koran by US troops in Iraq.

They haven’t heard that the Koran report was a hoax.


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