We need more honorable teachers (to leave public schools)

I wonder how many great teachers we have left? Or for that matter good parents?

by Trevor Bothwell

We need more honorable teachers (to leave public schools)
It’s getting difficult to keep track of the absurdities taking place in American public schools these days. Check out this story of Mitch Dorson, a respected American studies teacher in Arizona who resigned over his school’s refusal to acknowledge student cheating (which, at the time of this writing, is supposedly still looked down upon by the school).

“I’m leaving because the environment here is unhealthy,” Dorson said.

It all started last year, when the now 56-year-old teacher allowed a student to take an exam a day earlier than his other students. The student then sent an e-mail message to about 50 students, with the answers to the exam, Dorson said.

No explanation or apology was ever received, he said.

The only thing we can really do is what Mr. Dorson did. Good teachers need to start resigning from schools that not only don’t discourage but actually encourage destructive student behavior; parents need to start pulling their kids out of these same schools; and taxpayers must begin to demand that their hard-earned money is squandered no longer in these vast wastelands known as government schools. Only when we move in unison will public schools begin to take notice; there is no incentive for them to improve when we insist on dumping money in their laps and allow them to enjoy the status quo.(The Full Post)


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