Janice Rogers Brown — A Bench Memo

“She’s a brilliant African American woman who is able to articulate a conservative judicial philosophy, and the Democrats can’t stand it. I think it upsets the orthodoxy of the left to have someone who is brilliant and articulate who also happens to be black and female.”

Steve Merksamer
Partner, Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Mueller & Naylor.

Source: Sacramento Bee

“We who have worked with her on a daily basis know her to be extremely intelligent, keenly analytical and very hard working. We know that she is a jurist who applies the law without favor, without bias and with an even hand.”

Claire Cooper
Source: Sacramento Bee

“It takes judges with a deep respect for the law, and a willingness to set aside their personal views when making decisions. It takes judges with fearlessness, with a sense of confidence that the ‘right’ outcome will not always be the most POPULAR. Californians have a chance to cast a vote for an independent judiciary on November 3 by retaining … Supreme Court justices who … have all demonstrated a commitment to sound decision making…. The judiciary’s job is to make sure that laws are applied fairly. George, Chin, Mosk and Brown have approached this duty with diligence and integrity. They should be retained.”

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle, Editorial 9/27/98


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