Charter Schools Are Better!

A report from the Associated Press released yesterday highlighted that Charter schools outperformed public schools by 33 percent. Big deal, we all knew that would be the case! The question we all want to know is why? As usual, the study doesn’t ask the hard question, so we can’t address the root problem of academic under-achievement.

California’s charter schools are 33 percent more likely to meet their academic goals than traditional public schools, a study released Wednesday found.

Classroom-based charter middle schools stood out in particular, with 81 percent meeting the state-set goals for student improvement, compared with 54 percent of traditional schools, according to EdSource, a Palo Alto-based nonpartisan organization that studies public education.

Researchers looked at demographically similar students who were at the same academic starting point, using scores from California’s high school exit exam and the Academic Performance Index, which includes results from several standardized tests.

The study didn’t examine what caused the difference. (Read the whole story)

Why is someone protecting the NEA at the expense of the children?

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