Democrats have historically shown their contempt for Blacks by refusing to vote for civil rights and other constitutional protections.

Now that it’s no longer pc to express they racist speech in the open, Liberals have been using for decades Black agents who spew the Democrats racist message with assumed impunity. Those days are over and we are calling racism “racism”, no matter what permutation Liberals use.

Click on the link to see how modern Liberals view Blacks. [Highly Offensive] Don’t click on this link if you’re at work.

Bloggers: Ragged Thots, Michelle Malkin, The Moderate Voice, PsychoPhil, Now That’s Progress, Mein BlogoVault, Little Green Footballs, Wood Chips and Text Musings, Shock & Blog, Powerline

Condemnation from the Left: DCBloob, Ears to My Music, The Next Left


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