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November 26, 2005




November 26, 2005

Former combat pilot-hero Rep. Sam Johnson is blasting Democratic critics of the Iraq war for undermining the morale of the troops and emboldening the enemy by calling for an early withdrawal.

In an open letter posted Wednesday on the web site of Human Events, Johnson began:

“I spent 29 years in the Air Force – served in Korea and Vietnam – and spent seven years as a POW in Vietnam – more than half of that time in solitary confinement.”

The Texas Republican said he remembers what it was like to be held captive far from home, “risking your life, and hearing that America doesn’t care about you.”

“When I was a POW, I was scared to death when our Congress talked about pulling the plug that I would be left there forever,” he said. Based on his own firsthand experience, Johnson said the constant negative talk from war critics hurts both the troops and the overall war on terror, explaining, “I know what it does to morale – I know what it does to the mission.”

“Any talk – even so much as a murmur – of leaving now just emboldens the enemy and weakens the resolve of our of troops in the field,” the Vietnam hero said, warning, “That’s just irresponsible and unconscionable.”

Johnson vowed not to let Congress undermine today’s troops, the way it did during Vietnam, saying: “So help me God, I will never, ever let our nation make those mistakes again. Never.”


November 25, 2005

Al Qaeda Has Already Crossed Southern Border.

Iraqi Official Says He Received Call From Resistance Leader

Gloomy future for the Press


November 25, 2005

The Stragedy Page sees ultimate success in Iraq in its article entitled, “There’s More Going On in Iraq Than a Media Event.”

“If it weren’t for Internet access to troops, expatriates and Iraqis in Iraq, you would think that coalition military operations in Iraq were a major disaster, and that prompt withdrawal was the only reasonable course of action. But the mass media view of the situation is largely fiction, conjured up in editorial offices outside Iraq, with foreign reporters in Iraq (most of them rarely leaving their heavily guarded hotels) providing color commentary, and not much else. So what do the troops and Iraqis say?”

Ignore “If it bleeds, it leads” Media, and the “We hate America” Liberals.


November 25, 2005

Jay Nordlinger is a columnist for National Review and writes about Michael Steele who is unaffected by all the racist nonsense being thrown at him because Mike is tough and has big steele ones!

Steele is a black Republican — a black conservative — and he is subject to all the abuse such a status entails. You will read about it in this article, titled “A Horse of a Different Color.” (Also the title of an old book about Jesse Jackson, as it happens.) But I want to share a little bit more with you here.

Mike Steele has been called every name in the book — an Oreo, an Uncle Tom, etc. It’s all nonsense, of course. You seldom meet a politician so brave, so tough, or so independent-minded. To do what he has done makes you the opposite of a lackey. When he announced his Senate campaign, a prominent left-wing website depicted him as Sambo — it was nauseatingly crude. But, again, par for the course.

I asked Steele whether he was immune to such stuff. He quipped, “I’m not an elephant for nothing.” (Thick skin, as well as black skin.) “I’ve been dealing with this sort of thing for 20 years — more than that, since 1976, when I first got involved in D.C. politics.”

Anyway, I asked Mike Steele, ‘Do you have your chin strap buckled?’ He answered, ‘Oh, I’ve got mine buckled. The question is, do they have theirs buckled, because they’ve never run across a Republican like me. I learned the game from them. I’ve watched them for years. And they’d better be buckled up, because I’m ready to go.

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November 25, 2005

Recently, there has been an attempt to revise a racist incident where oreo cookies were thrown at candidate Michael Steele(R-MD) during a visit to Morgan State University when he was running for Lt. Governor of Maryland in 2002.

As is the case in most attempts at revisionism, time is allowed to past so that the public memory of the incident is in question and rife for an attempt to recast the event.

In this latest instance, three years has passed and the story has been told over and over(and you know what happened to any story that is retold over and over).
The revisionist then attack the whole story by attacking the more hyperbolic retellings of the event.

But what is even more sinister is the underlying motive for casting doubt on the racist event in question. In this case, the attack are attempts to discount the whole event and make the de facto pronouncement that it therefore okay for liberals and others to spew racist epithets towards deserving blacks.

You know which blacks too – the ones who dare think outside the traditions of the Democratic party workfarm (aka, the Democratic Party Plantation).

Steele, always has and to this day, contends that oreo cookies were threw at him when he appeared at Morgan State University during his 2002 campaign for Maryland state’’s Lt. Governorship. Parsing words won’t change the actuality of that appearance.

The presentation of the oreo cookies to Steele awareness was intended by his detractors to be a vile racist slur. It was meant to be demeaning and intimidate him and others back into the fold. Just ask any black person what they mean by calling another black person an oreo.

Believe you me – it isn’’t a term of endearment.

The bottom line as far as I’m concerned is: Regardless if you believe the latest retelling of this obvious racist attack by Liberals on Conservatives who happen to be black and American; it is hateful, appalling and unacceptable.

And it you feel that Conservatives who are black deserve to be pelted with racist slights, then you my friend are a racist.

And you’re going to get called out on your bigotry no matter what color. No matter your party affiliation.


November 24, 2005



November 24, 2005

Ace of Spades weighs in on the current debate about vile use of racist tactics by Black Democrats in a last ditch effort to intimidate Black Republicans away from the Party of Lincoln.

Michael Steele’s black opponents pelt him with Oreos, to symbolize he’s an Uncle Tom traitor to his race.

“Party trumps race,” they say.

If only.

“Party trumping race” would be a good thing. Indeed, that seems to be what Michael Steele is doing — choosing a party, or philosophy (and thence a party) without viewing that choice through a racial prism.

It is generally a good thing when anything — personality type, culture, philosophy, politics, even pop-music taste — trumps race. Would anyone suppose that it’s a good thing that there should be a Racially-Authentic Standard for beliefs, tastes, and aspiration?

Apparently some do. Those who pelt Steele with Oreos say “Party trumps Race,” but they’re lying, perhaps to themselves. For them, Race trumps everything else. After all, there are lots of people with similar views to Steele; they’re not being pelted with Oreos, or being singled out as “inauthentic” or “traitors.”


November 23, 2005

The White House announced Wednesday that Bush had signed an executive order Tuesday blocking all property and financial holdings in the United States owned by 128 people and 33 farms and businesses in Zimbabwe. It also bars U.S. citizens from having financial dealings with them.

Designed to encourage Mugabe to restore democracy to Zimbabwe, President Bush shows with more tough action that he is a friend of Africa. Dana Perino, White House spokeman said “This action is not aimed at the people of Zimbabwe, but rather at those most responsible for their plight.”


November 23, 2005

Hump Day Brain Treatment for Liberal
Random Numbers post some interesting facts about the Democratic Party and its historical affiliation with Klan – not to mention the Democrat’s overwhelming opposition to the Civil Rights Movement.

NAACP Chief makes switch to GOP
What would a lost of 5% of their black voter base do to the Democratic Party?

Student admits to being Black and Republican; Attacked by Black Thought Police
Does Freedom of Speech exist in the Black Community anymore?

Column That Claims Whites Supressed Stirs Protest

Steele weighs in on the Oreo incident
Let someone throw oreo cookies at any black liberal who are currently being used by the Democratic Party to spew racist slurs at Black Republicans in an weak attempt to intimidate them for daring to leave the Democratic Party Plantation and watch their reaction the oreo cookie throwing episode. They won’t say: Got Milk?

Study: Breastfeeding Lowers Mother’s Diabetes Risk

A doctor has committed suicide after learning that a woman he euthanized was not terminally ill.