Now that some time has passed, the Media wing of the Democratic Party is attempting to give cover to their scoundrels as is their custom. Enter Gov. Kathleen Blanco! In the latest issue of Time, there is an attempt to partially admit knowledge of Gov. Blanco’s incompetence and culpability for the deaths of many of her fellow citizens in Louisiana in the wake of the Katrina disaster.

The only mistake that I can find within Time’s lukewarm admission is Time’s unwillingness to fully expose Blanco’s total mishandling of the Katrina response in her state. Bottomline – every state is the rate limiting step for all federal supported disaster response efforts to stricken regions and their citizens.

Blanco’s emotional incapacitation and failure to act decisively was the cause of the slow response time to the victims of Katrina and the broken levee of New Orleans. The federal government was not to blame. She neither gave hope nor direction to those in her charge. And the record will show that she and the state of Louisiana impeded every outside effort to aid the people of Louisiana in their time of need.

On page 35 of it’s November 21 issue, Time writes:

When it mattered most, Blanco appeared “dazed and confused,” says Bernie Pinsonat. When Matt Lauer asked her whether it was hard to find words to reassure the public, she tried to muster optimism, then circled back to despair. “You know, our people out here are so fearful. They’re so worried…It’s a nightmare.”

It’s sad that writer Amanda Ripley, attempts to excuse Blanco after exposing her total lack of leadership in the midst of disaster. She writes, “She wasn’t in charge of the federal response.” No she wasn’t, but her job was to ultimately be responsible for having a competent Statewide Emergency Management Official in place whose job it was to coordinate an effective response with the designated FEMA representative at the ready. Remember state’s rights?

FEMA’s job is to provide resources to states affected by natural and man-made disaster. Lousiana’s Emergency Management Director is then suppose to tell the FEMA representative what is needed and where to put it… and then get out of the way.

That’s what went wrong with the Katrina response. President Bush was not to blame. Director Michael Brown, despite what has been said, was not at fault. If you’ve noticed, Mississippi and Alabama didn’t complain about the FEMA response. Only Louisiana wants to blame the Federal government for its failure to protect and serve its citizens.

Just ask Gov. Blanco (D)and Mayor Ray Nagin (D) in their heart of hearts who is to blame for the slow response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. On second thought, they probably have no idea that they are primarily responsible for assisting their citizens in the midst of dire need and disaster…nor the courage to admit it.


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