Hump Day Brain Treatment for Liberal
Random Numbers post some interesting facts about the Democratic Party and its historical affiliation with Klan – not to mention the Democrat’s overwhelming opposition to the Civil Rights Movement.

NAACP Chief makes switch to GOP
What would a lost of 5% of their black voter base do to the Democratic Party?

Student admits to being Black and Republican; Attacked by Black Thought Police
Does Freedom of Speech exist in the Black Community anymore?

Column That Claims Whites Supressed Stirs Protest

Steele weighs in on the Oreo incident
Let someone throw oreo cookies at any black liberal who are currently being used by the Democratic Party to spew racist slurs at Black Republicans in an weak attempt to intimidate them for daring to leave the Democratic Party Plantation and watch their reaction the oreo cookie throwing episode. They won’t say: Got Milk?

Study: Breastfeeding Lowers Mother’s Diabetes Risk

A doctor has committed suicide after learning that a woman he euthanized was not terminally ill.


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