Ace of Spades weighs in on the current debate about vile use of racist tactics by Black Democrats in a last ditch effort to intimidate Black Republicans away from the Party of Lincoln.

Michael Steele’s black opponents pelt him with Oreos, to symbolize he’s an Uncle Tom traitor to his race.

“Party trumps race,” they say.

If only.

“Party trumping race” would be a good thing. Indeed, that seems to be what Michael Steele is doing — choosing a party, or philosophy (and thence a party) without viewing that choice through a racial prism.

It is generally a good thing when anything — personality type, culture, philosophy, politics, even pop-music taste — trumps race. Would anyone suppose that it’s a good thing that there should be a Racially-Authentic Standard for beliefs, tastes, and aspiration?

Apparently some do. Those who pelt Steele with Oreos say “Party trumps Race,” but they’re lying, perhaps to themselves. For them, Race trumps everything else. After all, there are lots of people with similar views to Steele; they’re not being pelted with Oreos, or being singled out as “inauthentic” or “traitors.”


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