Jay Nordlinger is a columnist for National Review and writes about Michael Steele who is unaffected by all the racist nonsense being thrown at him because Mike is tough and has big steele ones!

Steele is a black Republican — a black conservative — and he is subject to all the abuse such a status entails. You will read about it in this article, titled “A Horse of a Different Color.” (Also the title of an old book about Jesse Jackson, as it happens.) But I want to share a little bit more with you here.

Mike Steele has been called every name in the book — an Oreo, an Uncle Tom, etc. It’s all nonsense, of course. You seldom meet a politician so brave, so tough, or so independent-minded. To do what he has done makes you the opposite of a lackey. When he announced his Senate campaign, a prominent left-wing website depicted him as Sambo — it was nauseatingly crude. But, again, par for the course.

I asked Steele whether he was immune to such stuff. He quipped, “I’m not an elephant for nothing.” (Thick skin, as well as black skin.) “I’ve been dealing with this sort of thing for 20 years — more than that, since 1976, when I first got involved in D.C. politics.”

Anyway, I asked Mike Steele, ‘Do you have your chin strap buckled?’ He answered, ‘Oh, I’ve got mine buckled. The question is, do they have theirs buckled, because they’ve never run across a Republican like me. I learned the game from them. I’ve watched them for years. And they’d better be buckled up, because I’m ready to go.

ht: Caribpundit


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