La Shawn Barber has a great post entitled, “Do you hate black people?”, in which she takes on anothter of the black community’s dirty little secrets: Keeping whites on the hook forever for slavery. Well the jig is up!

Having grown up black among black family and friends, I noticed a certain undercurrent that didn’t have a name. Whether a person actually suffered from racial discrimination or not, there was an urge to “keep whitey on the hook,” a term I picked up from John McWhorter. He articulated it so well in Authentically Black. We are never to allow whites to forget our historical grievances, whether an individual white person was guilty of discrimination or not. Most whites seem intimidated by blacks who do this. I dare say some of my white commenters are probably intimidated as well, despite their boldness on this blog.

If equal opportunity under the law is not enough, tough! Personally, I am ashamed for ever having participated in this victimology crap! Thanks La Shawn for your courage and honest analysis.


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