1 Iraqi Democracy is born – Millions vote and give the terrorists and Liberals of America the finger!

2 Shirley Chisholm dies; exposes the Liberals for the cowards that they are on her death bed.

3 The MSM exposes itself as public enemy: Number 1 by aiding and abetting the Islamic Terrorist movement. more…

4 Bill Cosby breaks the black code of silence and airs the ‘dirty laundry‘; Blacks perturbed that he would speak in public about the highest pregnancy rates, single parent household, high dropout rate and the epidemic crime wave in the black community.

5 The Tsunami Tragedy; Liberals blame Bush and global warming……Real cause, increase in Sunspot activity. Factual explanation too intellectual for emotional Liberals.

6 Condolezza Rice confirmed as Secretary of State; Democrats,Klansmen and other assorted Racists join forces to impede vote on her nomination. Condoleezza is confirmed and wows the world!

7 Citizen Bloggers – aka the Blogosphere – restrain the out of control MSM. Newspapers across the country lose readership.

8 Jamie Foxx wins Oscar for an uncanny portrayal of Ray Charles.

9 The Death of Teri Schiavo, a patient in a persistent vegetative state, captivates the country’s attention and sparks discussion about the need for living wills.

10 Ashley Smith convinces The Atlanta Courtroom Shooter to turn himself in without another shot fired.

11 Under the mystical eye of St. Malachi, Pope John Paul II dies and the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI ascends. The next pope is rumored to be the Anti-Christ – Peter the Roman.

12 Muslims riot, maim and kill over fake MSM story about Koran desecration. MSM has need to wag the dog every once in a while. Newsweek later retracts story.

13 William Bennett mentions the crime epidemic tangentially in a radio show conversation; Blacks and Liberals cry foul. Bill should know there is a code of silence around issues of personal irresponsibly and blacks in America. Didn’t you know it’s racist to link the two?

14 Hurricane Katrina destroys Gulf Coast while Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin do nothing to effectively assist the citizens of Louisiana and New Orleans. Gulf coast devastated though largely forgotten by medias focus on race baiting. Gov. Blanco named Worst Governor in America by Time magazine.

15 Rosa Parks, the mother of the modern civil rights movement, dies at age 92.

16 Suicide Bomber Barbie becomes the ‘must have’ action toy for Christmas 2005.

17 As more Blacks leave the Democratic Party – the Home of Racism – and desperation sets in, racial attacks on Black candidates hit an all time high; Liberals announce open season on Blacks who vote across the party line.


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