Barney Frank says Anti-Gay Protestors are “disturbers of the civic peace”.
Isn’t it interesting how the Left behaves when the shoe is on the other foot?

Is Suicide Rising Among Young Black Men?
The Black thought police won’t like the answer.

NPR soft on Racism…when it comes from a Liberal(audio)
…But what did we expect from the historical party of Slavery.

Darfur: What The Media Isn’t Telling Us

AP: Justice Dept. Probing Domestic Spying Leak
Now we’re getting somewhere. Let another Liberal leak a top secret program designed to protect the American people from Terrorists.

Related: Michelle Malkin

WSJ: Congress can’t usurp the president’s power to spy on America’s enemies.
John Lewis and other reactionary Democrats who called for the President’s impeachment over secretly protecting the public are beginning to look like the idiots we know and loathe.


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