One of my favorite blogs, Warrior Class has some predictions for 2006…

Five Predictions for the New Year Guaranteed to Start Bar Fights
January 4th, 2006

1. New York Times Exposes “Illegal” U.S. Spying On Iranian Nuclear Program: New York Times article exposing US efforts to keep tabs in Iranian nuclear development will question whether such activity is legal under international law. US is accused trampling on the rights of foreign leaders.
2. Judge Declares the Constitution’s Definition of “Treason” as Unconstitutional: A judge will rule in NY Times case that the terms “aid and comfort to the enemy” are too vague to pass constitutional muster. Her ruling points out that Supreme Court Justice Jackson’s famous statement in 1949 that “the Constitution is not a suicide pact” was part of a minority opinion.
3. Challengers to Hillary for Democratic Presidential Nomination Become Embroiled in Scandal: Several top contenders for the Democratic nomination will have scandals come to light about their private or business life. Hillary’s past access to FBI files is never suggested by media as potential source of information.
4. U.S. Economy Sags Despite New Highs in Wages, Employment, Profits, Productivity, Profits, and Stock Market: Despite good news on virtually all major economic fronts, the US economy is roundly criticized for many shortcomings throughout media, academia, and Washington D.C.
5. America Blamed for International Tragedy: Several international groups will be conclude that a crisis, epidemic, or natural disaster somewhere in the world was the direct result of either 1) actions on the part of America or 2) inaction on the part of the America.

The prognostication stuff is easy.


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If you have any , leave them in the comments section and I’ll post them.


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