Mike Shanahan is Over!

Mike Shanahan is not over in Denver; however Shanahan Canton chances are looking awfully dim.

If Mike Shanahan had retired with John Elway there as almost no doubt that he would be going to the Hall-A-Fame. The downfall in the playoffs have more and more people saying that Mike Shanahan can not do anything without his supporting cast, especially with the losses John Elway and Alex Gibbs.

Mike Shanahan will probably stay with Denver until he retires since it was his first team in 84 as he was their Receives Coach before becoming their Offensive Coordinator the next year. Mike Shanahan has spent a total of 18 years with Denver with 10 year as the head coach. True, Shanahan has only known 1 losing season as the Broncos Head coach in 99 but had 2 in Los Angels in 88 and 89.

Since the two Super bowl wins Shanahan is (1-4) in the playoffs with the wins Shanahan is (8-5). In less Shanahan goes and wins another Super bowl it is improbable that the once loved coach in the Milehigh will not be loved in Canton Ohio.


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